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 Ichigo v.s. Shuuhei Winner-Ichigo Loser-Shuuhei

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Ichigo v.s. Shuuhei Winner-Ichigo Loser-Shuuhei Empty
PostSubject: Ichigo v.s. Shuuhei Winner-Ichigo Loser-Shuuhei   Ichigo v.s. Shuuhei Winner-Ichigo Loser-Shuuhei EmptySun Jul 15, 2007 7:24 pm

Start time: 6:35
End time: 9:35

Hidden Bankai: +Tips of his sandals slid against the sand as his arms
extended, his right hand gripped the hilt of his sword, and his left rested
against the sheath, black hair covered his face, his eyes flashed to look for
his opponent, Ichigo. H
Hidden Bankai: -e looked very familiar. So much in common with Kaien. Slowly
shifting his head he awaited for the training to begin.+
Ielouch: -=HIs head tilted back and Zangetsu's weight across his broad
shoulders, Kurosaki Ichigo examined Shuuhei with his eyebrows lowered and his
tan eyes resolute on his target. He presumed he was all ready to begin their
small bout, and
Ielouch: though he had no prior fighting experience with the shinigami, he
showed absolutely no fear in lowering his blade in a readied stance. -=
Hidden Bankai: +The thrust of his body began as his eyes flashed, the sand
that littered the arena floor would change things completely, regardless if
they wanted it to or not. With that his right foot pushed him to the left,
though he just landed
Hidden Bankai: on his left and slid in the sand half of his Zanpakutoh
Ielouch: -=He advanced in the most practical way. He was no tactical
genious, but he knew the terrain was going to make the foot work difficult
for the both of them; but not drastically so with an arsenal of flash steps
at his disposal. Kuro
Ielouch: ki's Zangetsu fell from above to strike across Shuuhei's
collar-bone, his well-placed feet amble and prepared, though the strike was
still shallow. -=
Hidden Bankai: +The slide allowed him to pressurize and thrust himself out
of the way, once the dodge was intialized, his figure dissapeared into a
flash step as his reiatsu was masked from Ichigo, and his shallow
perception, he made a slice at t
Hidden Bankai: -he back of Kurosaki's knee's though it was all in the middle
of his flash step, he was covering the opposite flank of which he came, his
left side was Shuuhei's destination.+
Ielouch: -=Predictably so, the flash step was well anticipated, and almost
simultaneous to Shuuhei's Kurosaki mimiced the movement to likewise let the
blade breeze past its intended area of strike and bury its edge into the sand
while he was
Ielouch: only a heartbeat away from striking shuuhei again with the blade at
close range. Since he had gone left, Ichigo instinctively went right with a
lunge from Zangetsu to pierce his side. -=
Hidden Bankai: Shuuhei-90,000/95,00 Ichigo 275,000/280,000 Total SP
Hidden Bankai: +With that his blade hit sand, and was brought back to his
back, and when the stab was made Ichigo would have met the side of Shuuhei's,
and with that he pushed his own down deflecting Ichigo's so that he rolled up
the side, removi
Hidden Bankai: -ng his own sword and attempting to slam the dull side into
his head.+
Ielouch: -=Kurosaki pushed instinctively. Closed ranged combat with such a
large weapon didn't suit him, and a retreat was the easiest way to keep from
getting clocked. He launched Zangetsu against Shuuhei's zanpakuto so he
couldn't advance
Ielouch: without being grazed by the tip while he retreated backward from
the close quarters movement, and decided to use Zangetsu's superior reach
instead. -=
Hidden Bankai: +Using the momentum of being pushed upwards, as Ichigo went
for the protective guard, he used his sword to roll underneah holding his
blade above his face at all points, and he slid against the sand getting
positioned differently.
Hidden Bankai: STanding quickly he moved back.+
Ielouch: -=He edged the blade forward again. Another side swipe that
challenged Shuuhei's manueverability. His feet turned and prepared, he swung
his arms to slice across his midsection once more from a greater distance --
for the Cleaver wa
Ielouch: s undeniably long enough to reach with minimal effort. His weight
shifted to compensate for the sand -- and his body set specifically for the
flow of movements sure to come. -=
Hidden Bankai: +As he seen the blade coming at him, he pushed his Reiatsu,
into the blade and pulled it against his Bicept and the cleaver of Ichigo's
blade, slammed him thrusting him, sliding seven feet, but in the middle of
the push, keeping ag
Hidden Bankai: -ainst Ichigo's blade, he flash stepped forward and tucked,
into a ball, and slid under the blade of Ichigo' and thrust himself to the
left, and tried to flank Ichigo's right side while watching for the blade of
Ielouch: -=Kurosaki's leg arched forward quickly to shove a sandal filled
with sand into Shuuhei while he tried to tuck forward underneath -- literally
guiding himself into the powerful kick he had prepared for him. His weight
never anchored
Ielouch: , however, because of the sand -- which made ducking under him the
way Shuuhei chose to a haphazard move. The ducking motion was awkward enough,
but doing so on the consistency of something like Sand was asking to be
taking advantag
Ielouch: e of; for quick movement was twice as hindered from the position
and the substance they fought on. He aimed to launch him back in the opposite
direction again -- to keep to his distance strength. -=
Hidden Bankai: Shuuhei 85,000/95,000 Ichigo 275,000/280,000
Hidden Bankai: +The tuck had relieved his sword, of course meaning that he
had it free for blocking even so, he brought it up just in time to catch
Ichigo's foot as he slammed backwards and rolling back crossing a few more
Hidden Bankai: feet few
Ielouch: -=Kurosaki was on the verge of lunging forward as he gazed at
Shuuhei while he was rolling the perfect strike, but it seemed as if Shuuhei
was unconcious and was not going to be able to stand back up. There was no
point in letting
Ielouch: this fight go on any longer. Slowly sliding Zangetsu back
into it's sheath did he step back and raise word to Shuuhei=-"Looks like you
lose Lieutenant."
Hidden Bankai: +There it was, nothing Shuuhei could do as he lay there on
his stomach slowly coming to a stand he rolled his neck and let it crack a
few times. Sheathing his Zanpakutoh, his eyes glazed over as he looked at
Ichigo.+"Indeed I commem
Hidden Bankai: -erate you for your valiant efforts in this fight Ichigo.
Maybe once I get my Zanpakutoh's name we can do battle more realistically
like Shinigami should."
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Ichigo v.s. Shuuhei Winner-Ichigo Loser-Shuuhei
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