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 Ikkaku V.S Shuuhei Spar/Shunpo Training Rp Time: 1 HR

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Ikkaku V.S  Shuuhei  Spar/Shunpo Training Rp Time: 1 HR Empty
PostSubject: Ikkaku V.S Shuuhei Spar/Shunpo Training Rp Time: 1 HR   Ikkaku V.S  Shuuhei  Spar/Shunpo Training Rp Time: 1 HR EmptyFri Jul 13, 2007 12:17 am

Winner: None
Loser: None
Draw-Training for Flash Step or Shunpo
Hidden Bankai: +A rain of sand filled the training floor to make it harder to maintain balance a stretch was made and he slowly stood there, Zanpaku-to resting on his back as he awaited for Ikkaku to arrive in the arena there was no sense in get
Hidden Bankai: -ting all worked up over nothing. Black hair became a curtain for his eyes as they hid, beneath the parts.+
lkkaku Madarame: Such a late arrival to a battle—quite unlikely of him, but he'd shown up nonetheless. His blade still rested in its sheathe, what was ahead for Shuuhei wasn't just going to be a simple walk through the park. Glancing before the
lkkaku Madarame: vice-captain, he'd examine him a bit. From looks, not much had changed since before. "So you want to become faster, eh?" They both did, even if it meant training with a superior to become better, than so be it. Hand gripped onto
lkkaku Madarame: the hilt of his zanpakuto as he'd drawn near. Ikkaku damn sure wasn't about to hold back, so he could only expect the same in return.
Hidden Bankai: +A moment of hesistation as he seen Ikkaku grip his hilt, right hand moved as he quickly stepped forward on his right foot as the first pressure push was made, the blade was unsheathed, it did not glisten. A continous straight path
Hidden Bankai: towards Ikkaku before, his left foot pushed him to the right, careful not to gain too much speed or momentum, incase a stop was needed to be made.+
lkkaku Madarame: No time was wasted as far as taking an action on Shuuhei's pre-emptive attack went; as he too pushed his foot forward, now dashing at his opponent. He hadn't quite unsheathed his zanpakutoh yet, but he had it figured that he'd
lkkaku Madarame: know exactly when to go for the counter-attack. What better time to act than now? All foolishness aside, his right hand raised, the hilt coming along with it. Once the two closed in on one another, their blades were sure to
lkkaku Madarame: collide, that is unless one of the two would likely outsmart the other before that second came.
Hidden Bankai: +As Ikkaku made that approach, and finally released his Zanpak, Shuuhei had slowly moved to the side, and now made a dash as he, attempted a flash step, to get the rear flank of his opponent, if this rear flank was achieved, the bl
Hidden Bankai: -ade of his katana made it's way back to stab the kidney, of his opponent. If the flank had not been achieved and he only got half way, he would do a 180 and hold katana in full guard.+
lkkaku Madarame: "...!!!" For a brief moment, he'd almost lost sight of Shuuhei, but wouldn't get past him that easily, his blade held close to him, also attempting to use the shunpo technique. He focused on being at the one spot he wanted to be,
lkkaku Madarame: behind his opponent, ready to strike near his back. But something such as that was definitely easier said than done. Seeing how Shuuhei was only capable of going halfway, a backup plan was definitely in need. Provided this
lkkaku Madarame: technique fail, he would only go so far, namely to the left of his opponent. There would simply be nothing more that he could do than to just take a free swing at his foe, hoping to make some contact.
Hidden Bankai: +He would have, but the momentum, to have turned and swung gave Shuuhei enough time, to thrust his body weight cause a drastic momentum, and made him top-heavy as he slid, his fingers thrusted him up into a crouch as his left leg ex
Hidden Bankai: -tended into a sweep, as he ducked the swing that Ikkaku made for him. Head was turned side ways for pre-caution. Not having the balance he needed, hsi free hand dropped and supported his body as he used the sand to pivot easily in
Hidden Bankai: -order to maintain a high level speed with his sweep.+
Hidden Bankai: his*
lkkaku Madarame: Teeth gritted as he allowed Shuuhei to escape from his attack, and took a brief moment to get himself together since he was acting merely on impulse, with little or no strategy whatsoever. But then again not much was needed if the
lkkaku Madarame: main purpose of this bout was for the both of them to better themselves as far as speed went. But a fight's a fight, and Ikkaku didn't want to be the one face down when it was all said and done, even if such an instance
lkkaku Madarame: occured. Both hands gripped tightly onto the zanpakutoh as initial steps were taken whilst Ikkaku began to charge. He wouldn't leave this all to be pure running as his visage began to blur into the atmosphere in attempt to shunpo
lkkaku Madarame: yet again—the destination this time? Point blank, in hopes to take a quick jab to the torso of Shuuhei, if it didn't work again, he would only find himself partially there, having to yet again run to make any contact with the vice
lkkaku Madarame: captain. Before he knew it, he'd reappeared, both feet on the surface—now just having to worry about that particular spot he'd landed.
Hidden Bankai: +Eyes widened in shock as Ikkaku managed to Flash Step right over his sweep. Opponent in his face, as his opponent reached with a jab, right hand still maintained a guard with his katana, as the enemy blade, reached him it was defle
Hidden Bankai: -cted by the guard, his own blade sliding right up with Ikkaku's. Using his left foot to pull his form forward, he gripped both blades, and managed to use a Flash Step, into his attack as his right foot, was extended forward to kick
Hidden Bankai: the knee of his opponents FORE leg. If the kick was recieved then the opponent would most likely fall flat due to the speed and momemtum added by the Shunpo move.+
lkkaku Madarame: Stopped in his own tracks, there was nothing more that he could do than to remain in his initial spot as Shuuhei's grip kept him and his blade still. Such actions usually could've been avoided simply by releasing Houzukimaru, but
lkkaku Madarame: convinced himself that for this time only, he would keep to himself. Quite the bite in the ass, wasn't it? Before Ikkaku knew it, he could feel his leg nearing into the ground, and at that exact moment, his blade was released,
lkkaku Madarame: leaving him free to make contact with the ground. There wasn't quite enough time for him to allow his blade to break his fall, that precious, bald head of his now covered in sand. So much for the shine it'd usually have. He
lkkaku Madarame: raised his right arm, slamming the blade of the zanpakutoh into the ground, using it as a means to get back to his feet in a quick manner. There wasn't no time to brush himself off or anything, seeing that he'd have to act fast
lkkaku Madarame: before Shuuhei would get the best of him. His left hand gripped to the sheathe, withdrawing it. Once again his appearance faded before his legs noticably moved, trying to use the shunpo technique again. Had he arrived behind his
lkkaku Madarame: opponent, his right hand would swing towards Shuuhei's shoulder, but not in such a manner that excruciating damage would be applied. If not, he would yet again appear to the side of his opponent, using the sheathe he'd held in his
lkkaku Madarame: left hand in attempt to help fend himself off for any counter-attack that could be at hand.
Hidden Bankai: +Nothing but a simple, sensing radar to himself for riatsu, and he found that his opponent Ikkaku was now behind him, pressing with his foot that kicked he spun, and rose the blade, catching most of the blow, but the tip of Ikkaku'
Hidden Bankai: s Zanpakutoh caught his bicept, but it didn't do much but leave a small flesh wound. A easy heal for a medical shinigami. Pushing back, he distanced himself from Ikkaku and stood up.+"Heh..How exquisite. You manage to damage me, at
Hidden Bankai: least your not like Yura...Who cheated...."
lkkaku Madarame: Believe it or not, a great job was done by Shuuhei in attempt to fend himself off, although it wasn't enough. A few steps back were taken after contact was made. Fortunately, it wasn't enough to put him out of the fight, but was
lkkaku Madarame: also enough to prove that just because he was a third seat shinigami didn't entirely mean he was weak. He gave Shuuhei a moment to regain his compose, as he'd let the mentioning of Yumachika dawn upon his ears. "Aye, I've heard
lkkaku Madarame: about that fight, but you gotta admit, it was quite a surprise. Meeting a shinigami who's attained Shikai is just as if you're meeting a new person—the zanpakutoh, I mean. Each with their own personalities, traits, and
lkkaku Madarame: whatnot. But we're not here for small talk. Strictly business, right? Although business does look good about now." A grin came upon his lips as he rested the blade up Houzukimaru upon his shoulders.
Hidden Bankai: ~~ONE HOUR~~
Hidden Bankai: +Right then and there, was when Shuuhei sheathed his Zanpakuto and moved slowly forward and extended a hand to Ikkaku.+"Good fight, I would like to re-inact it. Once I get my seat as captain I would like to invite you to join my squ
Hidden Bankai: -ad as Vice Captain. But it won't be for about another month or so, you might have your own captain seat.+
lkkaku Madarame: Ikkaku too sheathed his weapon, soon extending his as well, shaking hands with Shuuhei. "Good fight indeed. Don't get much action nowadays, I suppose. Captain, eh? Don't think you're the only one goin' for a seat. The same
lkkaku Madarame: goes to you as well provided, I attain that rank."
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Ikkaku V.S  Shuuhei  Spar/Shunpo Training Rp Time: 1 HR Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ikkaku V.S Shuuhei Spar/Shunpo Training Rp Time: 1 HR   Ikkaku V.S  Shuuhei  Spar/Shunpo Training Rp Time: 1 HR EmptyFri Jul 13, 2007 5:26 pm

A draw eh?

2000 SP + 3000 SP for the hour, + 350 SP for seven turns.

5350 SP awarded to you both.

Ikkaku V.S  Shuuhei  Spar/Shunpo Training Rp Time: 1 HR Ulquisharingan
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Ikkaku V.S Shuuhei Spar/Shunpo Training Rp Time: 1 HR
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