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 Epic Battle - Komamura Sajin vs. Nekura Kato...Nekura WINS!

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Epic Battle - Komamura Sajin vs. Nekura Kato...Nekura WINS! Empty
PostSubject: Epic Battle - Komamura Sajin vs. Nekura Kato...Nekura WINS!   Epic Battle - Komamura Sajin vs. Nekura Kato...Nekura WINS! EmptyThu Aug 23, 2007 2:34 am

Start Time 8/22/07 7:48 PM HST

AscendingSolace: *The squad seven sparring grounds...A surpisingly quiet and empty area that was used rarely, Set amongst the middle of the squad seven division barracks and used mainly for morning exercises but used for sparring rarely since the
AscendingSolace: "reject squad" rarely ever went into battle. But today the captain was going to make use of the few free hours of spar time he had, Having put outside in his own way...A welcoming to any shinigami with free time who was willing to
AscendingSolace: pit themselves in a friendly spar session against a captain, As it was written on a banner that he draped across the front entrance of the barracks. Now the large vulpine waiting as he stood in the middle of the dirt-filled spar
AscendingSolace: arena, Stretching just a little as he had a few plans as to how he would go at certain opponents, If they were captains then he'd go full out but the lesser they were in the shinigami ranking system, The less of his spiritual power
AscendingSolace: he'd use, Since he didn't want to be responsible for putting a couple of his fellow shinigami in the infirmary. But for this past hour of waiting, The poor fox-man got no comers to try and spar with him, He'd give it a bit more time
AscendingSolace: until he was going to stop waiting and go outside of the barracks to remove the large banner sign he draped over the entranceway* Not even in my own division...I think I've got to make my subordinates work harder from now on (Done)
Dallag dalma: Well she had been out fighting a hollow else she would have been back sooner, she had just enough time to make certain she didn't look as if she had been battling, as far as she was concerned anyway.
Dallag dalma: The rush was all in her head after all. She would dash into the sparring room calling out, "Komachan! Are you done yet?" She looked so excited at the idea, her small zanpakutou in hand. Her hair was
Dallag dalma: curled into its usual style, a sign that she was happy as could be. "You aren't tired of sparring everyone are you?" Surely her entire division had been through here to get a piece of action and she
Dallag dalma: was going to miss it all! So clueless. (done
AscendingSolace: *Just as he was about to have himself a seat on the dirt, She came running into the sparring room and he straightens himself back up. Stretching himself a little* Ah, Nekura-chan! Good to see you, I thought no one was going to come
AscendingSolace: around, I haven't sparred at all today, No one from even your division came to try their chances at me...I'd have atleast expected your captain to have shown up but even he didn't *He seemed to be looking her up and down with those
AscendingSolace: feral yellow eyes as he spoke. Sizing up his opponent and making the decision that he'd restrain himself from using any high level kido spells on her as well as not using his shikai unless asked by her to bring in out, She was his
AscendingSolace: dear friend after all and he especially didn't want to put her in the infirmary of the squad four barracks* I think no one came around after the one time I used Tenken's Giant to fling away some annoying member of Kyoraku's squad
AscendingSolace: who kept screaming and making foolish noises during our spar *He held back a chuckle after that, Though the ends of his mouth were a bit upturned like he wanted to laugh from remembering that situation* (Done)
Dallag dalma: "My captain is not in Seireitei at the moment else I am sure he would've shown." She smiled at him a long moment before she shrugged. The massive wolf man was almost two times her height and was
Dallag dalma: easily four times her weight. She was a dainty creature whose looks showed her to be a more genteel creature. Still she did not spare a moment for these thoughts, she was well enough aware that if she won
Dallag dalma: he was letting her. She smiled as she dropped into a basic fighting stance her Zanpakutou held in its familiar position against her wrist. She would let him strike first but kept her face to him with
Dallag dalma: any attempt to circle, she was patient and she did not want to be torn apart after all... (done
AscendingSolace: *A grin began to overtake his canine muzzle as he saw her so quickly getting into her stance and facing him, Seeming so ready for the fun of battle as he gets into a stance of his own. But as soon as he got into his stance, A gloved
AscendingSolace: paw and arm outstretched as he pointed it toward her* (Hadou number one! Spirit burst! 1,000) *However, This was all going to be a distraction to be used in this battle against her, Prepared to use a (shunpo, 10,000) as soon as she'd attempt to dodge
AscendingSolace: this easy manuever and he'd come up at her side, Digging the soles of his geta into the dirt and throwing a bit of a restrained punch at her midsection. Knowing that he needed to be a bit more gentle than he had been in the past and
AscendingSolace: perhaps he would just play around with her, Make mistakes for her to notice and take advantage of to heighten her abilities to notice openings of her opponent in battle, One already noticeable right now as the right side of his body
AscendingSolace: was perfectly open to a kick at a high speed as soon as the shunpo wore off and he was beside her* (Done and from 293,000 down to 282,000)
Dallag dalma: She wasn't stupid, she had to dodge the weak blast of kido and instead of darting to the side would instead perform a handspring using her own spiritual pressure to keep her out of the way just long
Dallag dalma: enough. Noticing he had vanished she would drop, and as soon as he appeared poor Komamura would find her using a basic Muay Thai kick, her leg nearly straight up to kick at his arm, he was too tail
Dallag dalma: for her to kick his head, so she would make it harder for him to hold his blade if she could her own still at the ready a strike that was availible now, but, this was just for fun and she didn't want to
Dallag dalma: hurt him. Still the kick was full force, she knew she was lucky he was being gentle. He could've knocked her out easily. (done
AscendingSolace: *The muay thai style kick to his arm was unexpected and taken from her without much resistance on his end, The muscles of his arm tense already as he swings it down at her as soon as her foot left it's place against his arm. He was
AscendingSolace: underestimating her and now he was most likely going to up the level of how he'd try to attack her. This fight already getting his heart and adrenaline pumping and he found enjoyment in it almost comparable to a squad eleven member.
AscendingSolace: Tenken was still sheathed at his side in his obi, Not wanting to use it just yet though he was sure that Tenken was wanting to give itself a try against the zanpakuto carried by his friend* You're a bit better than I expected Nekura
AscendingSolace: so just as a warning...I won't be too slow from now on okay? *It was almost instantaneous that his grin from earlier had now turned to snarl, Though no growling came from him as he braces himself for the impact to follow if she
AscendingSolace: countered him, The large fox not as fast as most shinigami but almost a brick wall when it came to receiving his pains in battle* (Done)
Dallag dalma: She just smiled at his words. She was working to build her strength so that she could defeat Arrancar, and he thought her weak? Silly man. She murmured, "Nice teeth big guy." In reply. She wouldn't
Dallag dalma: point out to him that she had to deal with Zaraki on a daily basis. That meant she could not be slow or weak. She had chosen Ikkaku as a lover, which meant she could not be slow or weak. Instead of
Dallag dalma: pushing against his leg she would let him push, her leg moving down as she was surging up the flad side of her zanpakutou slapped against his arm, she wasn't going to cut him unless she had to, really he
Dallag dalma: had spun her in a one hundred and eighty degree line. She had his momentum and her own behind that blow however. Her eyes were bright and her lips had curved into a delicate smile, she could feel
Dallag dalma: zanpakutou's bliss as well... (Done
AscendingSolace: *So this was what it was like to fight her huh? He was going to enjoy this and savor this entire situation as he allows her to slap the flat side of her zanpakuto up against his arm, Knowing that in a real battle that'd have been a
AscendingSolace: pretty painful wound. Backing away from her with quite a quick jump, He was finally going to draw Tenken from the sheathe he almost always kept it in other than when he wanted to polish it* My teeth are a source of pride dear friend
AscendingSolace: so I do thank you for your comment on them *Deciding to use the dirt of this arena to his advantage once she'd attempt to come at him with either her own zanpakuto or a fist flying for his head. This fox wasn't the best at battle to ever exist but he was going to give as good
AscendingSolace: of a sparing performance against her as possible without harming her, Lowering the blade of tenken to the dirt as he bides his time right now and he exhales in a slow manner. It still seemed he was being a slob in this battle but
AscendingSolace: that could all be an act from him against her to throw her off to his attack pattern if he came at her more aggressively* Do you feel your zanpakuto almost roaring for battle? It's wonderful don't you agree? (Done)
Dallag dalma: "As they should be." His breath was sweeter than any member of her divisions that was for certain. She was pleased to have made him draw his blade. Her eyes gleamed and she just gave a nod to his
Dallag dalma: question, she had been on her feet when her blow landed, she would not wait for him to finish drawing his blade however, he would find her darting forward using the momentum of her body to launch herself
Dallag dalma: into the air aiming to land on his shoulders with her knees, his face would slam into her belly, her breasts were being used to blind him unless he evaded quickly her fists sent slamming down into the
Dallag dalma: pressure points on the side of his neck, meant to bring the great man to his knees. She knew he could move if he needed and if he did evade she would land on one knee rolling to her feet quickly.
Dallag dalma: (done
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Number of posts : 26
Age : 29
Registration date : 2007-08-17

Epic Battle - Komamura Sajin vs. Nekura Kato...Nekura WINS! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Epic Battle - Komamura Sajin vs. Nekura Kato...Nekura WINS!   Epic Battle - Komamura Sajin vs. Nekura Kato...Nekura WINS! EmptyThu Aug 23, 2007 2:35 am

AscendingSolace: *He was a bit surprised when she began to dart toward him, Using her body almost like a throwing bag against him. But as soon as her knees were going to touch his shoulders and her belly connected with his face, His free arm was set
AscendingSolace: into motion to swing behind her and slam a fist into her lower back...Her breasts not too much of a reaction to him as he shakes his head and his whole body while his fist, Bundled up and with enough force to cause atleast some
AscendingSolace: lasting pain to her lower back, Was going to stay true to it's mark while it seemed he was evading the fists sent slamming down to his neck, Thankfully with his shaking around though they weren't going to press into pressure points
AscendingSolace: but they did bring a painful sensation rocking through him that almost made him come down to his knees. This was becoming more and more fun every moment with her. The fist going for her back would be hard to see if she didn't look
AscendingSolace: immediately toward his free left arm, But if she had moved quickly enough after landing her fists to his neck, Then she could get him to punch himself in his own muzzle* (Done)
Dallag dalma: Oh that hurt. She smiled brightly at the pain though her eyes watered, still the force added to her own. She took the blow and he would feel his friend hesitate a split second before she twisted her
Dallag dalma: ankles together and swung herself around letting herself jerk his h ead back, her ankles most likely causing him to choke, the hilt of her zanpakutou slammed into the small of his back, unless he shook
Dallag dalma: her off, her ankles releasing and a hand spring taking her a few feet away where she crouched ready to spring in any direction her lips in the brightest smile he had likely seen from the shy 11th
Dallag dalma: division female. They had an audience by now, the men from her division who often accompanied her for evening drinking and often lost to her in spars hadn't ever made her smile, a few of his own men and
Dallag dalma: women watching as well. She truly belonged in her division... (done
AscendingSolace: *He would have apologized if he knew the pain he dealt to her from that punch into her lower back. The choking maneuver of her ankles to his neck making him cough loudly as she swung herself around on him before her hilt would
AscendingSolace: impact the small of his back, Getting a soft groan of pain out of him as he stumbles forward once she was off of him and he shakes his body out a little. Panting as he begins to raise up tenken so it was level to his right side, His
AscendingSolace: head slowly looking behind himself as he turns around and she could hear him loud and clear* Roar...Tenken! *Though he had originally told himself not to unleash his shikai, He was going to now and she'd see nothing happen around
AscendingSolace: his body or around the vicinity of her own. This was to be honest, One of the reasons why he had the arena floor made of dirt because if the giant zanpakuto or it's fist slammed into a concrete floor, It'd be a bother to have to
AscendingSolace: repair. The men and women of his own division were going to back up as far as possible from their positions of watching, They knew what their captain could do with just his shikai. He began to take steps away from her, A total of
AscendingSolace: seven before he stopped and gripped the blade of tenken tightly, Swinging it hard as he wouldn't touch anything with the blade in his hand but that was the beauty of it as a sword almost ten times the size of his own along with a
AscendingSolace: giant fist holding it materialized out of thin air, His body hardly feeling the effects of releasing a shikai (282,000 - 10,000 for the shikai) that might make a new user of shikai feel a bit light headed, A growl coming from his
AscendingSolace: throat as he seemed a bit wild now toward her in this battle, Wanting to push his friend to having to dodge the giant blade just to test her reaction as he had many attacks to utilize against her* (Done)
Dallag dalma: She was truly proud. She had caused him to feel the need to release his Zanpakutou when he knew she couldn't release hers yet. Her insides felt utterly warm even as she did her utmost to split her
Dallag dalma: attention between her furry friend and his Tenken. When the blade swung she drove herself into the ground it skimmed over her, a tear appearing in her robes, the back now showed off her creamy flesh. As
Dallag dalma: the pendulus blade continued to swing away she would not wait for its return but instead launched herself at him, it appeared as if she was going to pull the same shoulder manuever but instead she
Dallag dalma: slid between his legs, unless he caught the shift in her position in time and trapped her, rising behind him, her version of a shunpo at this level in battle, then she began the focus for the Hadou. No
Dallag dalma: incantation she just cried out,"Hadou number two, Red flare!" Before she attempted to punch him where his kidneys were, a blow that would truly cause any being pain should it land, she was fast, else
Dallag dalma: she would've been bested quickly by him, though he could hear it in her voice, she had begun to pant. (done, Hadou number two 3,000 - 22000/25000
AscendingSolace: *He was definitely going to apologize for causing the tear in her robes after the battle as well as offer to buy another, But now his thoughts shot back to the battle between them as soon as he saw her launch herself toward him with
AscendingSolace: what looked to be an almost lethal intent behind it, Though he knew they weren't out to wound one another too badly. The giant fist and sword vanishing almost as quickly as it had appeared for the next time he was going to use it.
AscendingSolace: Expecting another maneuver like the last time, But now finding that she was going to slip inbetween his legs and go under the fabric of his hakama to get behind him, A bit wary this time and almost instantly burning up more of his
AscendingSolace: reiatsu into shunpo, To get a good twenty feet away from her and be across her in the arena. Now attempting to use tenken in a different manner by raising his sword and clenching his fist tightly, Dropping down to a knee with his
AscendingSolace: sword raised straight up and his fist clenched to cause the same reaction with the giant fist, This time using it more to disrupt her by having the giant fist smash into the dirt closest to her and blow up as much debris into the
AscendingSolace: air to make her have to possibly close her eyes if dirt got in, With him far enough away though, The dirt wouldn't be that much of a problem for him* (Done, Shunpo equal to 10,000 subtracted from 272,000 equals 262,000/293,000)
Dallag dalma: The Sand did blind her but, she had also been aware of her surroundings before hand. The blade came up catching her shoulder as she darted out of the cloud of dirt coughing and wiping her eyes. She
Dallag dalma: did not let herself stay indisposed dirt and eyeliner streaming down her cheeks as her eyes watered, nature clearing them for her. She laughed openly and coughed out, "Fighting dirty takes on a new
Dallag dalma: meaning with you Komachan!" She did not let her humor make her stop however. Instead she would u se another burst of Kido, she needed him to be closer without that damned sword... she was aware he needed
Dallag dalma: some distance to use it and had an idea. Instead of worrying about how she would get there she began to cartwheel, her slim form dancing around the entire arena, rather hard to hit a fast moving
Dallag dalma: target which also would work as a distraction. She moved so that she was with in striking distance for h erself, hoping to test the theorum that she was out of his range, too close, her fist sent as a
Dallag dalma: fient to the left before she spun herself into a kick aimed firmly at his torso. (Done::
AscendingSolace: Using my surroundings is an instinct I guess! *He laughed as well before once more turning full attention to her as she began to cartwheel around the arena and he was trying to figure out a good way to try and get a hit into her as
AscendingSolace: he once more made the giant fist and sword vanish away into nothing. When she came close enough to be in striking distance of his body though she was going to get a surprise as he brang his body up to a straight angle and he brings
AscendingSolace: tenken infront of his body while taking a jump back as he didn't know that her feint wasn't the full attack. While behind her however now...The sword and fist were materializing behind her and closing in behind her to smash into her
AscendingSolace: from behind with the dull end of the giant katana, There really were no range limits for Komamura and tenken, But with attacks that were too forceful, He had to get his own body away just to make sure he didn't get caught up in his
AscendingSolace: own destructive abilities with the zanpakuto. She could keep coming at him though at this point as it seemed he was hopping back away from her this whole time, Being a bit annoying for her as he was playing sort of a tag like game
AscendingSolace: with her, Deciding though to be nice as he yells out* Behind you Nekura-chan! *Hoping now it might pull her attention to what was behind her with the giant sword drawing toward her from behind* (Done)
Dallag dalma: "That is part of why you are a captain, Komachan." She had gotten so close and he would find his warning did him no good, as she was already aware he was trying to play swat the fly, so it was that
Dallag dalma: she spun out of the way the blade dancing with her in a way, she hoped he would smack his own nose with it, she was starting to get tired, her endurance hitting its wall. She needed to end this, and she
Dallag dalma: planned to end it with herself standing on top. Perhaps literally. She ran at h im suddenly, the idea for her finish firmly in place as she began the chant while she ran at him her riatsu spiking,
Dallag dalma: though she knew it would be low. If she could hold an Arrancar in place, she could hold him, and so it was that the Geki would be placed on her friend, "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini! Look
Dallag dalma: upon yourself with Horror then claw out your own throat!" She did not think about how the words could be taken personally, launching herself into the air as she finished "Bakudou Number Nine!" The red
Dallag dalma: light would appear then, and she prayed he didn't counter, her foot swinging out, she was going to fall hard even if she hit, aiming to connect with his face. Still, it would take even he a long monent
Dallag dalma: to free himself. (10,000 SP 12000/25000 i think. Am I right? and done)
AscendingSolace: *He wouldn't smack himself in the nose with his own giant sword, Making it vanish into thin air as he lowered his zanpakuto down to his side and he watched her. This was going to be too fast for him to react in time and she was
AscendingSolace: indeed going to get him with her Bakudo to paralyze his body though it might take him some time to break out of it, He had an idea of something to use on her as well. Speaking as quickly as possible and pointing his free hand down
AscendingSolace: toward the ground, Red Flare was all that he could think of right now and it was infact a bad decision for him to make as her foot swinging out to kick him in the head got to connect as well as the red light surrounding him and he
AscendingSolace: could already feel the effects as he manages to speak out the last few words* H-hadou number two, Red flare! *This however was nearly suicidal for him as he could blow himself backwards with this manuever but it wasn't any help for
AscendingSolace: him as her Bakudo was already in place and she'd seem him just blown backwards to land on his back and roll for a few feet before stopping and not moving at this time. He had taken her for granted and now he was most likely to pay
AscendingSolace: as he closes his eyes while laying on the ground, She'd won and he had lost was how he saw this spar between the two of them* (Done, Hadou number 2 3,000. 262,000 - 3,000 = 259,000/293,000)
Dallag dalma: Tactical errors were the best kind, as he had just proven, when it came to winning the spar. She would rise, though she was exhausted and he probably could go on, but, seeing that he had nearly
Dallag dalma: blasted himself she instead released her Bakudou and darted over to Komamura, the spar was over. Dropping to her knees she would stare at him a long moment before whispering, so no one else could hear.
Dallag dalma: "Komamura, are you alright?" She was so damned worried..(done
AscendingSolace: Ugh...Yes, Nekura-chan and I proudly pronounce you...As the winner! *The last bit was spoken with a bit of a roar behind it as he began to roll himself over to start getting up. She was going to see he wasn't all too wounded but the
AscendingSolace: front of his hakama was a bit burnt away and he was going to definitely need another hakama. Whispers going around amongst them that the furry captain shouldn't be one amongst his own men and women who came around to watch. Coughing
AscendingSolace: softly as he fully gets up and he sheathes Tenken into the sheath, Looking to her with a smile on his face as he lowers his head toward her in a respectful fashion* You're...More than I've been used to Nekura-chan
AscendingSolace: and I can say a loss to you is proof that the division you are in is truly the division for you (Done)
Dallag dalma: She hugged him, before she firmly kicked his drunken vice captain in the rear for saying too loudly, "If I had Bankai I could take him e'en." Knocking him on his ass. She did not say a word to anyone else and murmured, "Thank you
Dallag dalma: for the wonderful spar Komachan. It feels good to be allowed to fight someone who isn't afraid to hit a girl." She was mocking her own teammates who had the audacity to be impressed. She murmured, "Shall we change and go to tea? I
Dallag dalma: don't think Ami wants us to show up to her place in rags... Maybe we should shower too." She laughed openly realizing just how tattered they both looked. "Maybe next time I'll make you have to pull your Bankai out... just wait until
Dallag dalma: I get Shikai Koma!" The people had begun to disperse. She knew he would need to fight his own men for the next few days, to remind him he was dominant and so was making it clear nothing between them had changed at all. (done

End Time 8/22/07 10:24 PM HST
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Epic Battle - Komamura Sajin vs. Nekura Kato...Nekura WINS!
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