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 RP/Spar - Nekura vs Saregachi w/gueststar Ikkaku part 1

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RP/Spar - Nekura vs Saregachi  w/gueststar Ikkaku part 1 Empty
PostSubject: RP/Spar - Nekura vs Saregachi w/gueststar Ikkaku part 1   RP/Spar - Nekura vs Saregachi  w/gueststar Ikkaku part 1 EmptyFri Aug 17, 2007 5:49 pm

3 hours of RP
Nekura Kato Spar Winner
Saregachi Arehajei Spar Loser
Ikkaku Madarame Spectator and resident Baldy

Dallag dalma: (oh yeah its 2:12 before I forget)
Dallag dalma: She was training, this time with a partner. She had spent her
morning alone with her zanpakutou, quality sharp object time! Now she was
fighting with her blade against one of the 12th. The man was as low powered
as she was but she
Dallag dalma: made him look foolish, easily flooring him, no need to strike
with the blade. She could move well, when she wasn't being crushed by Riatsu.
Her long hair swirled as she spun out of the way of his next strike lifting
her knee into
Dallag dalma: his stomach while her elbow struck the back of his skull. He
didn't get up this time, but he was alive. She checked. Panting a moment she
would move to the side of the sparring arena grabbing some refreshing juice,
she had brought
Dallag dalma: it to lower the resistance of the males to train with her. Her
level of fighting had increased a bit already, Ikkaku's training had helped
some, as had her realization about how she had to fight. (done
Built On Luck: +Figure was standing there watching the entire fight. Though
he wouldn't be seen by her. Watching her to defeat the boy, a grin rose to
his face, he appeared from the shodows and a clap was made for. A single
clap.+"Play with your n
Built On Luck: -ext time. Don't just go for the kill you're ruining the fun
of the fight, and not destroying his ego." +Ripping a grin, as the male,
slowly made his way down to the level that she was on. Figure looked a lot
more loose than ever,
Built On Luck: thanks to the massage that he had recieved. Hands stretched
out before him and he rolled his neck and listened to the multiple cracks
from it. Hands then brought up and were pressed against palms as his fingers
cracked. A grin over
Built On Luck: ran his face as he looked at her and then the boy on the
floor.+"You make me sad...To think of Division Eleven wasn't here seireitei
would be fucked."+A grin ran his face, and he kicked the boy on the
ground.+"Get up."+Slowly his ey
Built On Luck: -es faded to her.+
Dallag dalma: "Don't be sad Ikkaku, just go out into the sun and look at the
smiles all around you!" This was said before she thought, a giggle escaping
her. She was a dead woman if he caught her. She dropped into a crouch ready
to run her grin
Dallag dalma: showing how amused she was. He would be angry but she would
just h ave to make it up to him. She was feeling grand today, nothing could
go wrong, "I wasn't going for the kill Ikkaku, he was just that weak." (done
Built On Luck: +Oh she could run all she wanted, he knew shunpo quite
decently and would use it as well as he could. Before she could even begin to
move, he was already infront of her with three flash steps. Figure standing
infront of her, he grip
Built On Luck: -ped her shoulder and stared at her.+"W-w-what did you
say?!?!"+His grip beginning to tighten into the shoulder of her.+
Dallag dalma: Ow. That hurt! The look on his face was so worth it however.
She would start to laugh, she couldn't help it the giggle just rose up out of
her belly and she said, "I said, you make people smile especially on a Sunny
day." She should
Dallag dalma: have lied, she should've stroked his pride. Instead she would
surge forward pressing a kiss to his cheek and whispering in his ear, "Your
True Bankai.. the gleam on your head." (done
OnlineHost: Escien Delacruz has entered the room.
Built On Luck: +A grin gripped his maw, as laughed and he just let her
loose, and he smiled. She would be the only person in Seireitei, to get away
with the jokes like that. Hand clapped her ass as it left her shoudler. A
grin held tight to his fa
Built On Luck: -ce and he slowly stepped back and then he was gone in a
couple flash steps.+
Escien Delacruz: ::The misguided bunny himself was watching the fight,
having just walked by after a special trip. He had two cages in his hands,
and a bunch of bunnies were hopping behind him as he turned and started
walking towards the bald head,
Escien Delacruz: its' gleam distracted him, the bunnies hopping behind. One
of the bunnies doing an astounding leap and landing on baldies head for half
a second, cutting off the gleam, causing him to gain his senses again, the
bunny hopping off aft
Escien Delacruz: er.::
Dallag dalma: (He just went away)
Escien Delacruz: [I did it as he passed]
Dallag dalma: (xD ok)
Dallag dalma: She saw a flash of furr atop Ikkaku's head and snickered,"So
that is what he looks like... with hare." She turned towards her comrades
then and said, "Who is next? Come on guys if we want to survive we have to
train! " Sadly the men
Dallag dalma: of the 11th who were present just grumbled and backed away.
Huffing she would murmur, "Fine, cowards, if you won't fight then I will find
someone who will!" Stepping out of the training grounds she grabbed the first
reaper she saw,
Dallag dalma: grabbing the collar of bunny boy, "You! Fight me! Now!" She
had already started dragging him towards the sparring area too. (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He eeped when he was grabbed and dragged to the area, the
bunnies hopping behind him quickly, flailing around.:: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
KIDDDDDNNNNNNAPPPPPPPPPPPERRRRRR! ::He flailed around hopeless, one of the
bunnies hopping onto
Escien Delacruz: his head and pointing its' paws into the air, in a "HAIL
THE BUNNY LORD!" gesture.::
Dallag dalma: She blinked at his accusation and pushed him into the arena.
"Nekura Kato, 11th division. We're going to fight now... you consent right?"
The look she gave him said simply that if he refused she might beat the crap
out of him anyway
Dallag dalma: eyeing his outfit she hid a small shudder and dropped into her
fighting stance, her zanpakutou already in hand. "Come on!"
Dallag dalma: (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He was pushed in and the bunny hopped off, setting the
two cages down and opening them, two bunnies hopping out and sitting with the
crowd of 23, now making 25, as he turned and drew his Zanpaku-to, the pink
handle matching perfec
Escien Delacruz: tly with the bunny head on the end of it, as he hopped up
and down, waiting for her to attack. It was a weird way to fight, but he
normally hopped when he fought.::
Dallag dalma: She noted his hopping had a rhythm and waited until he was in
the air before she spun and kicked her aim leading towards a straight shot
for his belly. She made no sound as she did this just a silent twirl. She
felt like she was
Dallag dalma: dancing. Maybe even Yumichka would've found this fight to be
lovely. That is, if the boy could hold his own. Finishing her spin she would
return to the ready position as part of that fluid gesture, her eyes never
leaving her new
Dallag dalma: toy. (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He had become used to people attacking while he was in
the air, and his style reflected that. As soon her kick came forward, his
Zanpaku-to was forward, the blunt side of the blade aimed for the inside of
her leg, to where if she
Escien Delacruz: continued with the kick, it would hit and send a stinging
pain through her leg. It was pretty much his only counter measure at the
moment. If she had continued with that kick, he was soaring through the air a
few feet and tumbling,
Escien Delacruz: right into the crowd of bunnies.::
Dallag dalma: Of course she would continue the kick, sure it hurt but,
sometimes pain was half of the fun. She giggled as he landed on one of the
bunnies. "Should've taught him Shunpo." She darted towards him moving to
strike his shoulders, blunt
Dallag dalma: force with the sides of her hands. Ikkaku had reminded her to
not go for the knock out right off after all, she did want fun. (done
Escien Delacruz: ::While she was darting, he was already on his feet. The
one good thing about his style was he had adapted to fast recoveries, and he
didn't hop this time. Instead he waited for her to come forward, as if
wanting the strike, and the
Escien Delacruz: n pivoted to the side, hopping on the one leg after the
blade had passed since it was aimed at his shoulder where he had landed,
bringing Hokkori Usa across on the blunt edge while in the air, striking down
at her neck with it, near
Escien Delacruz: the pressure point.::
Escien Delacruz: [make that hands, not blade]
Dallag dalma: Since she had used her hands not her blade it wasn't too hard
to block most of the force of his blade with her own, the dagger catching his
just before it hit, a very close call. She eyed him a moment before she
smiled her voice
Dallag dalma: soft, "I was under estimating you." While she spoke she kicked
at h is shins, not a weak kick like a comedy act but a blow meant to inhibit
his stability. (done
Dallag dalma: (uhm forgot to state our Sp. Sorry. Was too into the fighting
to remember. I have 20,000)
Dallag dalma: (State yours so we get the experience!)
Escien Delacruz: ::That was her flaw. From where he had hopped, her kick was
already off. Her kick was sent at his shins when he was going up, yes, but on
his descent, it was aimed at a new area. One hand on his blade, coming down
and elbowing her f
Escien Delacruz: oot to avoid it from hitting him in the chest on his
descent, instead trying to hurt her leg and make it weaker later.::
Escien Delacruz: [20,000 SP]
Dallag dalma: Well, she wasn't going to be hurt badly, the elbow being
strong it hurt like hell but she could shake off the pain. She was 11th after
all. Instead of letting the pain make her hesitate she simply twisted sending
her elbow round
Dallag dalma: aiming for his head while he was still descending, her other
leg shifting behind him to make him more likely to fall. She doubted he would
be knocked out so easily and was grinning like a cheshire her eyes bright.
This felt good...
Dallag dalma: she could feel the glee with in her zanpakutou as well. He was
happy! She was happy! (done
Escien Delacruz: ::That was a good thing for him. The elbow came round
towards his head and he instead thrust his head forward, meeting her elbow
head on with a powerful headbutt. If he was going to get hurt, then dammit,
so was she. And as for her
Escien Delacruz: leg that was coming around, his foot tapped it as he
descended, and his put his weight on it with the second foot, trying to leap
off again, but only succeeding it not tripping the way she wanted, instead
falling straight towards he
Escien Delacruz: r, arms wide open.:: HUUUUUG!
Dallag dalma: She doubted this huggy little thing had as high a pain
tolerance and her reaction to being hugged was simple, her knee lifted firmly
into his groin, and her head came down to crack against his skull her eyes
showing how disgusted
Dallag dalma: she was, "Don't hug me you freak!" The words slipped out
before she thought about them, her hands also moving to shove him away. He
was now a dead bunny in the making.
Dallag dalma: (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He instantly teared up when he was hit in the crotch, and
was shoved away, his head now red from both headbutts. However, his feet
landed on the ground stably, pouting a bit before he glared at her.:: NEVER
Escien Delacruz: ::His eyes flared up and he was at her on a much more
aggressive level. There was a different look in his eye now, and his feet
were racing across the ground, heading in a direct course until he suddenly
pivoted to the right, bringi
Escien Delacruz: ng Hokkori Usa across at her right side, trying to actually
cut her and draw blood, his feet ready for a rebound to get away from her.::
Dallag dalma: Bunny fun toy? What the hell was this kid on? She kept her
eyes on him despite the absurdity, noting the expression. "Hasn't your senpai
told you to never fight when angry?" She snorted this even as he shifted,
instead of allowing
Dallag dalma: her side to be cut she blocked most of the blow with her
dagger like zanpakutou stopping the force of the blow though his blade slid
down the short length and sliced her arm open. She slashed upwards with her
weapon aiming to hit
Dallag dalma: him in the face with the hilt of her lovely friend, a smile
placing itself once more onher lips. What fun! She could be proud of this
fight. (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He saw the weapon coming up, and knew he couldn't parry
with his blade. So instead he brought his empty hand across and grabbed her
hand as it ascended, holding it so she couldn't keep it going up, or atleast
he tried to grab her
Escien Delacruz: hand, trying to stop it a few inches away from his head,
stabbing forward with Hokkori Usa at her appendix while he was trying to keep
her 'blade' at bay.::
Dallag dalma: A few inches was all she needed, the hand he had held twisted
her arm flexing as she put force behind this shifting the dagger of her snake
blade towards his face and pushing forward while she blocked his zanpakutou
with her arm. It
Dallag dalma: hurt like hell, but, that wasn't always a bad thing now was
it? She grinned all the more her hand grabbing his blade as she tried to tug
his weapon out of his hand. "Is the bunny boy mad? What's your name anyway? I
already told you
Dallag dalma: mine. Have you no manners?" (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He was cut across the forehead by the dagger, but that
cooled his fury. One solid hit always brought him back to his senses, and he
held tight to his blade. However, his other hand released hers and was sent
forward quickly, tryin
Escien Delacruz: g to hit her gently in the stomach. Well, not exactly
gently, with enough force to knock the wind out of her and make her let go,
tugging with his other hand, trying to cut her hands open if she refused to
release the blade.:: You c
Escien Delacruz: an call me Are-san!
Dallag dalma: The tiny little boy was half her size and she decided to use
her size and weight advantage. She had been gentle before now but she had
taken more cuts than he had. She grabbed him by his head, using the fact that
he was held in
Dallag dalma: place by his blade, this of course meant blood in his hair,
though she had released his blade before she took too much damage, if he
escaped she would be shocked, next she started slamming his face into her
knee, well at least she
Dallag dalma: was trying. "That is not protocol, you give your full name,
division, and rank while you can still talk!" (done
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RP/Spar - Nekura vs Saregachi  w/gueststar Ikkaku part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: RP/Spar - Nekura vs Saregachi w/gueststar Ikkaku part 1   RP/Spar - Nekura vs Saregachi  w/gueststar Ikkaku part 1 EmptyFri Aug 17, 2007 5:50 pm

Escien Delacruz: ::His long blonde hair had blonde in it now, and that was
bad. He didn't like his hair being messed up, but, that was her biggest flaw.
As soon as she gripped his long ponytail, his blade came back and SWIISH, she
had nothing to hol
Escien Delacruz: d onto anymore. All of the hair she was holding onto from
his long hair was loose now, as he rebounded back, holding the bloody and
blonde hair covered blade, letting her hold his several foot long ponytail.::
WAHHHHHH! My haiiir!
Dallag dalma: She tucked his hair into her belt before she began to focus
her energies. She was using a bit of her spiritual power. Gleaming with pure
joy she barked out, "Bakudou Number 1, Restrain!" While he
Dallag dalma: wailed over his hair and didn't strike, losing his advantage
she increased hers by expending energy to bind his arms behind him, making
them unusable. As soon as the spell was cast she launched herself
Dallag dalma: into a flying kick aiming for his head, "Now you look like a
boy!" (Bakudou Number 1, restrain, locks a target's arms in place behind
their back 1000 SP - 19000SP/20,000SP)
Escien Delacruz: ::He couldn't help but mourn over his hair, and was hit
directly in the head with the kick. Falling backwards, his Zanpaku-to
dropping into the crowd of bunnies, who hopped away from the sharp blade, and
instead started tugging it t
Escien Delacruz: owards him, even though he couldn't move.: Waaaahhhh..
M..my.. hair...
Dallag dalma: She was fair, she knew he was beat and would move over to him
her hand snatching up his blade and holding the longer weapon at his throat,
"Say I win and I will release the Bakudan and I will take you
Dallag dalma: to the salon to have your hair styled so that as it grows it
retains its beauty." She was fair, right?
Escien Delacruz: ::That was where she was wrong. He was already struggling
against Bakudan, and got one hand free, but just barely, pointing it at her
as she approached, but before she could touch his blade.:: Hadou Number 4,
White Lightning! ::A bo
Escien Delacruz: lt of concentrated lightning emerged from his finger when
she went to even touch Hokkori Usa, aimed right at her chest, depleting his
SP with it, but, it was worth the risk. Nobody touched his Zanpaku-to.::
[Hadou Number 4, White Li
Escien Delacruz: ghtning, Fires a concentrated bolt of lightning from the
caster's forefinger. 7000 SP - 13000/20000 SP]
Dallag dalma: brba min)
Dallag dalma: This pain was her own fault, she had let her guard down. It
was good he hadn't given up, she had to admire that much about him, She fell
to her knees for a moment but pushed herself up as quickly as
Dallag dalma: she could. It would've been worse had she taken the bolt with
his blade in hand. she had his zanpakutou in hand anyway, after all it was
right there and he was still struggling to get near it. On her
Dallag dalma: feet, though now panting and rather smouldery she looked at
him for a moment before renewing the Bakudan. It was simple, really, she
would finish this battle and he could pay for the cost of his own
Dallag dalma: styling. "Bakudan Number 1, Restrain!" Once he was still she
moved over to him his zanpakutou being shoved through his shoulder. "Let me
return this to you!" So mean! Her eyes held that gleam of joy
Dallag dalma: however, she hadn't had this much fun with her comrades, at
least this guy was creative. (Bakudou Number 1 Restrain, Locks a target's
arms in place behind their back 1000 SP - 18000/20000
Escien Delacruz: ::He couldn't move and the blade went right through his
shoulder, drawing fresh blood, and a scream of pain. However, he was
struggling against the Bakudo still. The pain was intense, but he wasn't near
giving up, trying to break fr
Escien Delacruz: ee of her damnable restrain, but failing. He weakened
himself with that Hado, which was a bad idea in retrospect, and was starting
to lose faith from all the pain in his shoulder.::
Dallag dalma: She had kept her guard up this time, her eyes gleaming as she
looked down at him, pulling the zanpakutou out of his shoulder she placed it
over his other one and said, "Now, say I win and I will let
Dallag dalma: you up and we can have tea and fix your hair." She was still
ready to move incase he had something left. (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He broke free of the Bakudo again, but, he didn't try to
make an offensive move yet. He was far too weak, and he didn't wanna get
stabbed again, instead he spoke loudly and focused.:: Bakudan Number 1,
Restrain! ::He wasn't the be
Escien Delacruz: st with Kido, at all. However, he was just doing it to try
and get her off his back. He knew she would break free very soon, and he
wasn't going to waste energy uselessly.:: [Bakudo Number 1, Restrain. Locks a
target's arms in place
Escien Delacruz: behind their back. 1000 SP - 12000/20000]
Dallag dalma: She didn't drop his zanpakutou and as she felt her arms being
restrained behind her she didn't bother with trying to free herself yet, she
had a moment, he was still down. If he wanted to try and
Dallag dalma: fight still, she would honor that. This was a good opponent,
she would have to fight him again in the future. It wasn't as if the Bakudan
made her fall on her ass, so she did the best thing she could've
Dallag dalma: she first kicked him in the balls again, mostly because she
wanted to see if he called it the bunny toy, then she moved to his head and
put a foot on his throat, now she began to strain against his
Dallag dalma: Kido. "You know, in my division Kido is frowned upon, but, so
are cowards and there are plenty of those, I enjoy my skill with it, Relent,
I win. You want to be able to walk right?" (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He screamed when she kicked him.:: STOP KICKING THE BUNNY
TOY! ::However, when he saw her use his legs, he remembered he could use his
owned, and thrusts his somewhat freed hands up, grabbing the foot on his
throat and twisting it
Escien Delacruz: while he lifted, trying to throw off her balance, and in
doing so, rolled backwards, so that his feet came up and he was on just his
back, trying to kick her in the ass and send her tumbling.::
Dallag dalma: Oh she stumbled and had to do a little dance managing to free
an arm as she moved away, yelping in pain as his foot missed her ass and hit
her above her kidneys. That really hurt. Damn it. She had
Dallag dalma: dropped his sword in the midst, though it was between them, he
would have to roll to get it out. She blew a breath out and shook her head a
moment before tugging her other arm free and beginning to
Dallag dalma: chant, "Bakudou number 9, Disintegrate, you black dog of
Rondanini! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!
" The young woman was done with this. She had a date later and didn't
Dallag dalma: need to risk bleeding all over the place, the paralyzation
kidou was in place. She picked up his blade and moved over to the rack
placing it at the top, several feet out of his reach, before she came
Dallag dalma: and knelt beside him, now he couldn't move. "I win." Since he
couldn't say it she would. "This was a good fight, but we are done now,
unless you can raise your hand." She had not released Bakudou
Dallag dalma: number one and now she had used 9, though it was a great drain
on her power, it was also a good ending blow. Really, she should release him
but, naw... she walked out of the arena and sat down outside
Dallag dalma: starting to tend her wounds. (Bakudou number 9. Hit- Engulfs a
target in red light, completely paralyzing them. 10,000 SP - 8000/20,000)
Escien Delacruz: ::He growled and barely raised a finger, which was a great
effort, flipping her the bird as she knelt down, but then his body locked up,
leaving it in the flip off position, his body struggling to free itself, all
though it couldn't
Escien Delacruz: . He didn't have near enough energy left, and he was
drained. However, the bunnies were all hopping to the rack, and were hopping
ontop of one another, creating a small tower up to the blade, one hitting the
hilt of the blade with i
Escien Delacruz: ts head and sending it toppling off the rack to the ground,
but still, far out of reach, and he couldn't grab it if he wanted, the
bunnies making sounds.::
Dallag dalma: Oh she wouldn't leave him there for too long, she actually
returned once she had finished bandaging her wounds with some bandages, his
ponytail end wrapped in leather so that she could keep it, now it was tied to
her sash. A trophy.
Dallag dalma: She knelt beside him and started tending his wounds, not
releasing the Bakudou yet, she hummed as she tended and was on her feet
before she released him from his prison. She had also put h is Zanpakutou
back up, a bit higher this
Dallag dalma: time, tiptoeing for the top of the rack. (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He was released and looked at his Zapaku-to which was up
out of his reach and walked over to it, hopping, but unable to reach. He
looked like a very large bunny, hopping but missing, the real bunnies
starting to create a higher to
Escien Delacruz: wer. One of them tapping the handle, but, not enough to
knock it over, instead it landed and the whole bunny tower went backwards,
ending up in a pile of bunnies, all woozy.::
Dallag dalma: "I will give it back once you tell me your name, rank, and
your division." She said this quietly, looking at him as she reclined against
the wall in contentment a smile on her lips as she stared at him, he was
amusing.. (done
Dallag dalma: "Good thing those aren't turtles." (addendum)
Escien Delacruz: [brb, dog]
Escien Delacruz: ::He glared at her and the bunnies were up on their feet
again, or rather, paws, hopping around. However, they were bumping heads and
hopping ontop of one another in their dizzyness, so he sighed and sat down.::
My name is Saregachi
Escien Delacruz: Arehajei of the 8th division. I don't have a rank. ::He was
in a lot of pain from that shoulder wound, plus his bunny toy was gonna be
very sore and bruised for a while.::
Dallag dalma: Yeah, she was a bitch like that. She stood up and moved over
to the sword rack and nabbed his blade handing it to him. "Next time you
battle, introduce yourself properly." She offered him a hand, her own pain
more apparent to her
Dallag dalma: but she wasn't going to show it. "Come on, I said we would go
to the salon, I meant it. May as well get our hair trimmed so its even."
Dallag dalma: (brb pee)
Escien Delacruz: ::He took his blade back and ran the bloody blade across
the clean part of his outfit. It was already bloody, no reason to spare it
anymore, cleaning off his Zanpaku-to and sheathing it afterwards, accepting
her hand and rising up w
Escien Delacruz: ith her help. Glaring at the trophy on her belt.:: Give me
my ponytail back. It's bad enough I had to cut it off.
Dallag dalma: She considered relenting and shook her head, "I am afraid I
cannot do that, and no, you could've taken the blow. I will return it to you
in three days. I need to... use it for something." Damn. Why did she have to
be a woman of her
Dallag dalma: word? She started out the door expecting him to follow. She
was very sore, which to her was a good thing, it meant she had grown in
power. (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He followed after her, looking more boyish now that his
hair was so short and ragged, but his bunny covered uniform was coated in
blood too. Plus those twenty five bunnies were behind him, in a small army,
all hopping in formation
Escien Delacruz: . It was strange enough to make a few people wonder what
was wrong with those rabbits.::
Dallag dalma: She was sure he had fed them crack but wasn't about to say so.
Instead she lead him away from the 11th division barracks, he would be sure
to avoid them in the future probably, and towards the area of the Sereitei
that the Shinigami
Dallag dalma: Women's association had over run with things like shops for
make up, tea houses, and the salon. It was the place Komamura had recommended
to her. She paused and murmured, "Your friends need to wait outside, I am not
paying for the
Dallag dalma: hares at the hair salon.." she entered then and was
immediately seated. She was going to have her hair washed. (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He turned around and looked at the bunnies, bending down
and whispering to what could be guessed to be the bunny leader, who turned
and hopped back, leading the rabbits in a sudden charge away from the salon,
before he rose and he
Escien Delacruz: aded into the Salon, letting his mini army of rabbits go to
his destination, and that was, the 8th division barracks.::
Dallag dalma: The women running the shop would of course ask, "What can we
do for you today, sir?" Utterly respectful. She already had someone's hands
massaging her scalp. She knew now why Ikkaku had let her wax his head, this
felt nice!
Escien Delacruz: ::He blinked, a lot of blonde hair covering his uniform
along with the blood. He wasn't used to salons, and only came because he had
been lead by her, blinking.:: Um... ::He touched the outside of his mouth
with a finger, thinking.
Escien Delacruz: He looked a lot younger than he was since he was short,
before finishing his thought.:: Oh, I remember. Could I get a trim please?
::He was being polite back, and remembered to add.:: Oh yeah, and a
shampooing too please. ::Before l
Escien Delacruz: ooking over at the girl he fought and couldn't help but
wave a bit and use his new nickname for her.:: Hi Putty Tat.
Dallag dalma: She went rigid and murmured, "Please do not call me that." She
might sick Ikkaku on him for her own amusement if he kept it up. She spat
this out causing Hina, the stylist working on her to pause and blink. She was
not docile yet,
Dallag dalma: the fight still had her ready for more action. (Done
Escien Delacruz: ::He blinked and continued waving, but didn't repeat the
name, stopping after a bit. Instead he looked at the women since he was
confused. He had never been to a salon before, he was used to his mother just
trimming his hair a bit w
Escien Delacruz: hen it needed to be, but he was used to it growing really
long, and it being so short was alien to him.::
Dallag dalma: They worked to make his hair even and chattered away, he could
talk about whatever he wanted, when it came time for her hair to be styled
she went for her favored Medusa style (see the first image in my profile). If
he looked
Dallag dalma: closely he could see her eyes were half closed, she was
exhausted. He could've won! (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He didn't want to talk, he was too busy not focusing on
the pain in his shoulder, instead he just let them work on his hair, petting
the bunny head of his Zanpaku-to, whispering to it gently, congratulating it
for the job well don
Escien Delacruz: e. Even though he lost, he had won in a sense, because he
had tried his hardest, and that was all that mattered.::
Dallag dalma: Yeah, he was definately not 11th division material. She would
peer out at him a long moment her voice soft, "So, do you know your sword's
name yet?" She was curious at least, and although she was sure he would be
teased by everyone
Dallag dalma: else she would be polite about his... oddities. "You can...
you can call me Neko if you want." Oh look an olive branch! (done
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RP/Spar - Nekura vs Saregachi  w/gueststar Ikkaku part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: RP/Spar - Nekura vs Saregachi w/gueststar Ikkaku part 1   RP/Spar - Nekura vs Saregachi  w/gueststar Ikkaku part 1 EmptyFri Aug 17, 2007 5:52 pm

Escien Delacruz: ::He looked over a bit, making sure not to turn his head.::
No. I haven't been able to get any answers from it, but, it's still my buddy
even if it won't tell me. ::He patted the head on the sword a little bit,
before focusing on he
Escien Delacruz: r a bit more.:: Okay Neko. That's a nice name.
Dallag dalma: She blinked a bit and murmured, "Well, you obviously don't
want to use my name, Nekura." Closing her eyes as the stylist worked she
murmured, "Mine has yet to tell me his name but I feel him. He was very
pleased with the battle
Dallag dalma: today. Thank you." This was all she had to say and so she fell
silent, peering at him periodically. (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He blinked a bit, before glancing down at the Zanpaku-to
and pulling his hand away from it.:: I felt something too, but he doesn't
like fighting I don't think.. I felt the most when I went and adopted the
bunnies, and when I refus
Escien Delacruz: ed to give up.. I don't understand the feeling though.
Dallag dalma: "Where as, like me, my zanpakutou loves to fight. When we
fought you and you fought well, he was as elated as I was." She smiled
brightly at him, he might've made a friend. AS long as he could fight anyway.
"Maybe, you should try
Dallag dalma: talking to him when you are alone, focusing on that feeling,
ask him... questions, maybe yes or no at first? This is how I know my blade
likes to fight, and howhe was hurt when I tried to fight the wrong way with
him.... I... was
Dallag dalma: ignoring him... accidentally." (done
Escien Delacruz: ::The last part confused him, and he almost tilted his
head, but stopped just before he did.:: Maybe.. I never really thought of
it.. ::He was still a pre-teen of course. He wasn't the best shinigami
candidate, he was far too distra
Escien Delacruz: cted and easily manipulative with bunnies.::
Dallag dalma: She smiled brightly and murmured, "After your wounds heal up,
would you like to spar again? My ankle hurts massively," Which was a good
thing, she sounded so happy. He had pleased her. "Maybe... if you do I will
see about getting
Dallag dalma: you a Chappy the Rabbit dispensor for your Soul Candy?" (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He blinked and looked at her. He never heard of the
Chappy the Rabbit type of Soul Candy before.:: There's a rabbit dispensor for
Soul Candy? It sounds cute! ::He was definately more girl like than anything
else, he had adapted to
Escien Delacruz: being around girls, and had become addicted to bunnies and
cute things.::
Dallag dalma: She flinched at his words, Cute. "Uhm... yes... the Shinigami
women's association made certain of that. How... could you be unaware?
Haven't you been put on the list for those who might go to Earth for an
assignment? Everyone is
Dallag dalma: given an educational packet then... at least in my squad."
Escien Delacruz: ::He stopped himself from moving his head again.:: They
never mentioned it to me. I don't exactly have the right level of skills for
them, they don't like me going anywhere outside of the barracks that much.
They think I'll get into
Escien Delacruz: trouble.
Dallag dalma: Did trouble count going too near to the 12th fighting area and
getting hauled in to be beaten up by a girl? Probably... She grinned. "Oh,
you should... wait you don't like fighting.... How canyou not like fighting?"
She said this
Dallag dalma: with a tone of exhasperation. She had no comprehension of
that. It was as if he had just become the stupidest person in the world. "You
aren't half bad at it, but you have to remember the whole response to Kidou
or you are going to
Dallag dalma: be shit out of luck, shorty" (done
Escien Delacruz: ::He couldn't help but feel a little depressed when she
made it sound like he was dumb.:: Because there's the chance of my bunny
friends getting hurt in the battle. I couldn't fight at my best knowing they
could have gotten hurt. It
Escien Delacruz: 's something I can never stop thinking about. I don't like
risking other people getting hurt, not when it's me who is the target.
Dallag dalma: No wonder he wasn't allowed on earth. Her left eyebrow
twitched a bit and she murmured, "Right... well ... train them to fight or
don't bring them near the fight. I can understand today." Since she had keel
hauled him she couldn't
Dallag dalma: hold that against him... (done
Built On Luck: +Once more his figure had been watching the entire fight and
slowly his figure stepped from the shadows.+"Beautiful job."+A grin ran over
his face and he released another clap. A yawn split his mouth open and he
shifted the hilt of
Built On Luck: his zanpakuto, so that he could be comfortable.+
Escien Delacruz: ::He sat in the chair while the stylist was busy evening
out his chair, and he looked at her.:: Well.. Okay. I should be more careful
with them around. Besides, I don't wanna take them to earth, they might get
sick on the way there.
Escien Delacruz: ::He really needed to get bunnies off the brain.::
Dallag dalma: "Ikkaku!" She said this from her chair and peered at him,
"Even though i used Kidou? Where's my reprimand. Aren't you going to punish
me." She almost pouted at him. Peering at Bunnicula she sighed, "They
wouldn't let you take them
Dallag dalma: to earth. That would be a breach of protocol. Don't you know
anything?!" (done
Built On Luck: "Well uh yeah....I would but. Sometimes it's ok. But was in a
spar. You do it in a real fight..and you'll get it. Not from me. from
Zaraki-Taichou."+That was all that he'd say+
Dallag dalma: She eyed him and murmured, "That isn't like you Ikkikun!" She
hadn't ever used such a girly name on him and this was her personal
vengeeance for his letting it slide. "I was getting bored was all... had to
make sure he was staying
Dallag dalma: down." Her hair was finished. Standing up she moved over to
Ikkaku limping slightly, her ankle did hurt but the limp was the only clue it
was a bit off and looked to Bunnicula, "You won't survive here if you don't
learn discretion."
Dallag dalma: (done
Escien Delacruz: ...I'm not exactly too fond of reading and rules. I forget
things which aren't fun, cute, or important at the time. It's my worst
quality. ::His hair had been finished sooner than hers, since it was just a
simple trim to even it out
Escien Delacruz: and he stood up, looking much more like a boy with his hair
cut extremely short, a really close blonde cut, where it stood up like an
inch because it was that close to his head.::
Dallag dalma: (Blonde Sasuke from Naruto?)
Escien Delacruz: [No]
Escien Delacruz: [It's REALLY short]
Escien Delacruz: [only one inch]
Escien Delacruz: [from his head]
Dallag dalma: (xD Ima picture him as blonde Sasuke)
Built On Luck: +A stretch and he looked at her as she limped.+"Walk that
bullshit off."+Eyes lit up as she limped. She pissed him off, and was gonna
get the real fucking Ikkaku now.+"If you ever use Kidou again. I'll
personally jump in the fight a
Built On Luck: -nd beat your ass as well."+Slowly he gripped his Zanpakuto,
turned and walked away.+
Dallag dalma: Ikkikun had worked. Ikkaku would hear her laughing richly, at
his response. She brought out the best in him it seemed. "Yessir!" She hald
expectd the rabbit obsessed kid to reference the baldness of Ikkaku. Limping
after him she
Dallag dalma: would call out, "Ikkaku, tonight, dinner, my place?" )done
Built On Luck: "Fuck no."+He was mad, and he was now gonna treat her like
the rest of the eleventh squad aside from Yachiru, Yumichika and
Zaraki-taichou. Ungreatful works of shit.+
Escien Delacruz: ::He waved and started up a jolly round of "We hail to
thee, oh shiny head." and had the whole salon singing it, but, his voice was
the lowest of it all. The salons singing was probably loud enough for Ikkaku
to hear too, considerin
Escien Delacruz: g it was everyone in there.::
Built On Luck: +With that, the zanpakuto was released, it was bad that
Ikkaku was already mad and the song pushed him over the
edge.+"Hozukimaru...Grow."+With that the sheath and hilt combind and the
staff was connected. Figure was considering to
Built On Luck: release his Bankai to demolish the building. His figure had
turned, and his reiatsu was booming, anyone less than 100,000 was having a
hard time breathing.+
Dallag dalma: She fell. She felt that pressure and hit her knees in
startlement. Shehad not sung at all but had instead said, "Baka! He'll kill
you!" before he had gone off. She just watched him smashing things, sweat
soaking her body. It wasn't
Dallag dalma: as bad as it had been last time, she was a bit stronger and it
showed. Still, having been weakened slightly with the battle she felt almost
sick to her stomach. (done
Escien Delacruz: ::As soon as he felt the increase in Reiatsu, he had
stopped singing, and, at the same time, the salon did as well. The fun verse
was cut off due to the pressure, and he was struggling to breath, forcing
himself into a chair so that
Escien Delacruz: he wouldn't collapse.::
Built On Luck: +Slowly he walked to the kid that had started it, the one
that had mocked him last time. His fist rose and with all his might he
slammed his hand into the middle of his rib cage in an attempt to crack or
break at least half of them.
Built On Luck: Ikkaku wasn't one to piss off.+
Dallag dalma: She couldn't breathe. Panting she just glowered at the idiot
even as he was punched. She had to crawl, she couldn't gain her footing.
Ikkaku would feel two small hands on his leg, she was hugging it. "Don' kill
him. He's my new toy
Dallag dalma: ." (done
Escien Delacruz: ::That had been a bad decision for him, to sit down, but he
used what he had to his advantage. When the fist came crashing down, he
grabbed the dryer hat on the chair and yanked it down quickly, using it to
absorb most of the impact
Built On Luck: []If you couldn't stand what makes you think you can move
faster than me?[]
Escien Delacruz: . He still felt the punch and it hurt like hell, but, this
way it atleast protected him from breaking his ribs. Instead they were in
intense pain, and Ikkaku had added to the bruising that was already there,
plus a small few cracks.
Escien Delacruz: [I used my hands to pull it down]
Escien Delacruz: [It was already there]
Escien Delacruz: [It's not like I was grabbing it from a table]
Built On Luck: [Whatever. Be glad James doesn't want me killing shinigami.
You'd be first.[]
Escien Delacruz: Not to mention blood was coming up, and it went all over
his own uniform, coating the pink bunnies in red.::
Escien Delacruz: [My character is naturally like that.]
Built On Luck: +Slowly he let off the spiritual pressure, and slid his
shikai from it's form. As it released he slid it into it's sheath and slowly
he walked away pulling from her. Figure's muscles flexed as he restrained not
to kill the kid.+
Dallag dalma: Her reaction to him spitting up blood? Laughter. It came out
as a soft pant, as she gasped for air. She wasn't going to follow Ikkaku
yet... oh wait. Yes she was. She pushed herself up and tossed some coinage
onto the counter, enou
Dallag dalma: gh to cover her bill before she limptrotted after Ikkaku. She
said nothing to him. She just fell into step beside him. Proudly banged up,
content to an extreme. The kid would be fine. It wasn't like he was going to
bleed to death
Dallag dalma: and surely he had learned his lesson. (Done
Escien Delacruz: ::He got out of the chair, quite painfully. Third time was
normally the charm, and, seeing as how Ikki was still sore about it, he chose
to not try again. Putting the money he did owe for the trim on the counter
and leaving, trying
Escien Delacruz: to avoid having to pay for the broken dryer helmet.::
Dallag dalma: (5.24 stopping log)
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RP/Spar - Nekura vs Saregachi  w/gueststar Ikkaku part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: RP/Spar - Nekura vs Saregachi w/gueststar Ikkaku part 1   RP/Spar - Nekura vs Saregachi  w/gueststar Ikkaku part 1 Empty

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RP/Spar - Nekura vs Saregachi w/gueststar Ikkaku part 1
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