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 Spar Log - Kato Nekura vs. Takuhara Inshu Pt. 1

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Spar Log - Kato Nekura vs. Takuhara Inshu Pt. 1 Empty
PostSubject: Spar Log - Kato Nekura vs. Takuhara Inshu Pt. 1   Spar Log - Kato Nekura vs. Takuhara Inshu Pt. 1 EmptyTue Aug 21, 2007 12:32 am

Winner - Takuhara Inshu

Ending SP:
Kato Nekura: 10,000 SP/20,000 SP
Takuhara Inshu: 11,000 SP/ 20,000 SP

Total Posts:

Nekura: 7
Inshu: 6

Iovely nanao: State your maximum SP
Iivid mischief: 20,000.
Dallag dalma: 20,000 SP for Nekura Kato
Iovely nanao: Who shall be going first? Dice, or volunteer?
Dallag dalma: I volunteer
Iovely nanao: Opponent, are you okay with this? u_u
Iivid mischief: Yeah.
Iovely nanao: All right, then.
Dallag dalma: here have a time stamp
Dallag dalma: ^v^ 8/20/2007 10:29:50 PM ^v^
Iovely nanao: Please begin when you are ready.

Dallag dalma: Nekura was glad to have found someone to train with her, the
spar was not with someone from her own division but at this hour they were
all drunk. She had met him at the tea house, rather glad that
Dallag dalma: someone else wasn't drunk yet and after a very short
discussion they had decided to spar. Arriving at the sparring arena and
falling into it with their zanpakutou in hand wasn't hard. She was the first
Dallag dalma: to strike, sizing up her opponent she decided to go for a
basic strike, running forward her hand aiming for his sternum, the generic
charge would give her a glimpse of his reflexes, measuring his
Dallag dalma: skill with her first few attacks. He wasn't nearly as tall as
the men from her division so she might even get to use some of the more
challenging moves that their feet of height difference disallowed.
Dallag dalma:

Iivid mischief: "Oi, how did I get myself involved in this mess.." Amber
occuli were forced to focus at the moments notice, needing the concentration
after he was coerced (that was his side of the story, at least) into combat
with -
Iivid mischief: a member of another Squad; the 11th Squad, known their for
love of a fight and determination to win. He was going to need an hour long
discussion with a bottle of alcohol after this encounter. His hand shot up to
the handle of his -
Iivid mischief: zanpakutou, unsheathing the blade with a single, fluid
motion of his right arm. Dexterous digits twirled the blade in the midst of
her slash, repositioning the zanpakutou to an inverted angle. Lifting the
weapon effortlessly, he -
Iivid mischief: allowed his zanpakutou to clash with hers, planting his feet
into the ground and pushing with the entire strength of his right arm to such
an extent that it seemed as if it took little to no effort. "Why did I agree
to this, again?-
Iivid mischief: The hell do I get out of it. A reminder would definitely be
nice.." Lowering upper physique, his knees bent to attain a vantage point on
the other shinigami; utilizing his lowered position and smaller center of
gravity to maintain -
Iivid mischief: control of the close quarters confrontation. Sliding his
left leg back a few inches, the sixth division shinigami slid the edge of his
blade against hers, using his new position to overpowered and force her back.
Utilizing the -
Iivid mischief: momentum of the sudden right movement, he used this to power
a swift spin, digits working to maneuever the blade into the upright
position. The muscles of his right arm contained little tension, allowing him
to increase the power -
Iivid mischief: speed of the horizontal slash. A flick of the wrist at the
last second altered the course of the blades tip, bringing it from her
midsection to just above her chest, aiming to cut through the flesh. This
ensured a quick victory, -
Iivid mischief: and DEFINITELY more drinking time. Oh, how he could use that
extra relaxation; 'specially with Byakuya-taichou's tight-assed demeanor..

Dallag dalma: "Experience in combat." She laughed in response to his
question, "And you said you were bored, so I said I could entertain you." He
had apparently thought her form of entertainment might be different
Dallag dalma: since she was a girl. She didn't let him rest his blade on her
short zanpakutou for long, the dagger was not often used for blocking after
all. She lifted her arm straight up as she saw the slight
Dallag dalma: shift before the blade swung towards her bosom, the blade of
her zanpakutou blocking the sharpness. She pressed back using her strength,
which would likely equal his physically, while h er leg
Dallag dalma: intertwined with his, she kept her feet firmly on the ground
while trying to make him trip, her blue eyes intense with the fire of battle,
her lips curling up into a fierce grin instantly. This was already more
Dallag dalma: of a challenge than she had been getting with the same old
same old people of late, he was making her a happy Nekura.

Iivid mischief: "Sometimes I wish I had a dirty mind." He wasn't surprised
she was able to fend him off; afterall, she did belong to the 11th Division.
The look in her eyes told him everything, but the sixth division was nothing
to laugh at, -
Iivid mischief: and he was going to prove that not all of the best
combatants were of her division. He felt the movement of her leg at his,
determining what it was she was trying to do. Obviously, she was trying to
force him off his guard, to a -
Iivid mischief: more vulnerable position. Sliding his leg away, this
movement hopefully led to her misbalance, giving Inshu a further opportunity
to punish the mistake in her defense. He once again utilized the superior
position to his advantage, -
Iivid mischief: his left shoulder used for a quick ram of his physique into
her mid-section, left entirely open by her hopefully misbalanced posture and
attempt to fend off his own zanpakutou. If the first phase of his attack were
to be successful,
Iivid mischief: an upward push of the legs was next in line for
commencement. This action, if the first were to be successful, would further
bury himself into her midsection, cutting off her air while pressing upward,
lifting her physique -
Iivid mischief: horizontally onto his shoulders. Afterwards, his body tilted
to the right, dropping her on her back onto the rough wooden texture of the
arenas floors; no doubt causing a good deal of damage to her back. This, of
course, left the -
Iivid mischief: entire pace of the battle in his hands; and if she was slow
to take action, gave Inshu the time to put the blade to her neck to finish
the job. This entire outcome depended on the sole success of his initial
shoulder ram. "Oi, -
Iivid mischief: maybe I should've made sure she was drunk first.."

Dallag dalma: She didn't laugh at even Fourth division people, she was one
of the rare 11th who could get along with people who weren't all about the
fighting. She also was an adept Kido user, something that caused
Dallag dalma: some issue with her own people, still, nothing was better than
a battle for her. Not even really good sex. He didn't even have to prove the
best fighters were distributed elsewhere too, after all
Dallag dalma: there were even cowards with in her division. She had
discovered this after her first in division sparring session where several
had fled after they discovered she wasn't easy prey, and she had learned
Dallag dalma: about one man who had gladly fled battle when the Ryouka were
invading... he was a shameful little man and she enjoyed humiliating him.
Dallag dalma: She had learned proper balance as a basic part of surviving
combat in the 11th, it was a basic that everyone mastered fast or learned to
not fall on their own zanpakutou with, thusly his shoulder ram
Dallag dalma: did hurt and he made her grunt a bit, though she kept her
balance enough to not fall prey to his attempted body slam. She had instead
shifted adapting to his leg motion by bringing herself closer, her
Dallag dalma: attempt to knock him backwards was a headbutt which meant if
it hit they both would take damage, she surged up thrusting the top of her
head into his face aiming to break his nose, her weight behind
Dallag dalma: the attack, her blade held so thatit was flush with her arm,
as she wasn't going to strike with it now, it was small enough that she
rarely used it to strike in spars, saving the damage it could do
Dallag dalma: for actual battle or the final blow.

Iivid mischief: Well, it seemed as if he wasn't going to get out of the
fight that easily. Digging his shoulder further into her stomach, he noticed
the movement to bring herself closer, feeling the resistance against his own
physique. However, -
Iivid mischief: he'd cut her off before she attained the moment to strike.
His reiatsu flared at that instant, lips moving in a faint whisper that would
barely register within her mind. Dropping his zanpakutou, he utilized the
close proximity of -
Iivid mischief: the two maneuver his left arm behind her physique,
effectively keeping her trapped as his right hand shot up to her chest, mere
inches away from actually touching anything. "Hadou. 1." The concentration of
Reiatsu became -
Iivid mischief: immediately apparent as a small, concentrated ball of energy
flickered into existance in the palm of his outstretched hand. "Spirit
Burst." With the mental trigger pulled, and the rest of the Hadou finished,
the blue, crackling -
Iivid mischief: sphere was thrust directly into her chest; instead of
utilizing it as a projectile, he used the close range and his own strength to
increase the destructive force of the otherwise weak Hadou. If it were
successful, it'd manage to -
Iivid mischief: deal a great amount of damage to her frame, to the point of
internal bleeding. Normally, the attack wouldn't even do that much, even
against a shinigami of his own standing, but with the closer range and added
force of his thrust -
Iivid mischief: to the Hadou, it was assumed that it would increase it's
destructive power. Leg muscles loosened, his physique dancing away from hers
afterward to minimalize the chances of a counterstrike, his foot catching the
blunt edge of the -
Iivid mischief: zanpakutou before kicking his leg upward, a swift arc of his
right arm reclaiming the blade for his own use once again.

Dallag dalma: Finding herself restrained she was already working on a way to
free herself from his grasp when he began his chant. Damn it, Kido, she
wasn't sure how to escape this even as the flair hit striking her
Dallag dalma: firmly in the chest. The pain tore through her and he would
find even as he escaped she let out a gagging sound before spitting out a bit
of blood. That had really hurt. She just smiled anyway noting
Dallag dalma: that he was still retreating she would take the hilt of her
blade and withdrew from it the long ribbon that added her range. dropping
into a basic crouch which would let her spring in a variety of
Dallag dalma: directions quickly she swung it over her head to give it
momentum before she slashed it in his direction, hoping to strike h im with
it. Her dagger was double sided, the only dull side was the flat of
Dallag dalma: the blade, and since it was pointed this added to the danger
if he was hit, she would flick it like a whip in rapid succession her voice
soft as she finally spoke, "Interesting use of the Kido, does
Dallag dalma: your division use Kido often?' Curiosity not revulsion, she
was the open minded one in her division after all.

Iivid mischief: "More often than your own, I'm assumin'. Afterall, I was
taught ta believe that the majority of your division teammates were
specialized in zanjutsu. To be honest, I'm still kinda surprised that you're
standin' after that. I mean, -
Iivid mischief: it was a direct hit." His speech pattern dropped from the
original "formality" it held to a more relaxed, lazy tone, even reflected in
his dialect. It was a sudden change; his physique standing lackadaisically in
his spot, -
Iivid mischief: turning his head to the side to allow the very tip of her
zanpakutou to slice into his cheek. "Oi, couldn't beat ya without atleast
lettin' ya get a good hit on me, y'know." Was he being serious, or was
the youthful Shinigami -
Iivid mischief: just taunting her? Tiers curled up into a demeaning grin;
almost as if he thought of her as a crappy, thoughtless opponent. Left
appendage raised, a raised middle-finger extending to her before gesturing
her onwards.
Iivid mischief: "C'mon, girl, gimme a challenge already."

Spar Log - Kato Nekura vs. Takuhara Inshu Pt. 1 Oi_my_eyes_are_up_here_by_DiGiChara

SP: 79,025. (.. wtf am I going to do with the '25'?)
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Number of posts : 121
Age : 30
Registration date : 2007-07-02

Spar Log - Kato Nekura vs. Takuhara Inshu Pt. 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Spar Log - Kato Nekura vs. Takuhara Inshu Pt. 1   Spar Log - Kato Nekura vs. Takuhara Inshu Pt. 1 EmptyTue Aug 21, 2007 12:34 am

Dallag dalma: Aww he was being an asshole. How cute. She didn't respond to
his comment about her still being standing. She was hurting yes but pain
didn't mean she had to curl up and give up did it? No. She smiled
Dallag dalma: instead withdrawing her blade and as he spoke considered her
options, the damage to her system was enough that she was feeling almost
unsteady, he was trying to anger her as well, which would dull her
Dallag dalma: senses. She could play off of that perhaps, "Don't be a jack
ass!" This was barked out as she sprung forward feinting to the right before
she used shunpo to appear behind him her blade drawn into her
Dallag dalma: hand during her motion and thrust into his lower back, a
kidney shot, unless he countered, the flash step would take a good deal of
energy but she hoped her mock display of anger would be enough to
Dallag dalma: make him over confidant. She knew that he could beat her, and
even if he did she had already learned something from him that was what

Iivid mischief: "Oi, it's the truth, hon." His left hand raised, fingertips
stroking against his chin while his grin widened. Amber occuli took in and
analyzed her erratic movement, mind processing each possible outcome. When
his eyes were greeted-
Iivid mischief: speedlines, he immediately drifted back to his days in the
academy; even to the explanation of the Shunpo, or, the flash step. Taught to
use the shock factor to take advantage of the least guarded area, Inshu
quickly surmised that -
Iivid mischief: she couldn't appear to his left or right; he'd be able to
evade with little to no effort. But. with the options to appear behind and
above him, his physique whirled around in a slight moment of desperation.
Just as he thought, her -
Iivid mischief: physique slowed to a halt behind him, thrusting her
zanpakutou down at his midsection now due to the sudden repositioning. The
zanpakutou sliced through his abdomen, irritation evident in his eyes before
the muscles in his left arm-
Iivid mischief: finally tensed, fingers left uncurled as his right hand
dropped his zanpakutou for an attempted grab of her wrist. Whether or not she
yanked it back, he followed up with a brutal backhand to her cheek, strong
enough to easily -
Iivid mischief: bruise the skin, or even result in the breaking of her jaw.
She sacrificed whatever safety she had in order to get close to him, and now
she was definitely going pay for it. Luckily, his position made it so the
thrust only sliced -
Iivid mischief: instead of puncturing the flesh. Still, he made sure to put
enough force in this to end the attack fight; the shoulder ram and kido enhanced
palm thrust ensured that much to him.

Dallag dalma: Safety wasn;t a concern when fighting. He was more brutal than
she had expected from someone outside of her division but, it wasn't a bad
thing. It was almost a relief that the other divisions could be
Dallag dalma: as strong, as violent, as her own. He was an angry little man
it seemed, however He dropped his zanpakutou, she noted this even as he
grabbed her and smacked her. She felt something pop but had
Dallag dalma: already reached the mode of distancing from pain in order to
push on, however he would hear a soft mewl, even the 11th let out expressions
of pain sometimes. While he had one wrist she would use the other
Dallag dalma: to take her zanpakutou and slam it into his shoulder, he was
busy holding her and striking her so she would attempt to weaken his arm, his
own shoulder ram adding force to her attempted blow, she
Dallag dalma: wasn't a stupid girl, though she was sure he could win with
sheer strength, that just meant she would have to train more, so that she
could defeat him.

Iivid mischief: "Heheh, I may not be eleventh division, but I'm not a pussy
either, babe!" His grin was lost, however, redoubling his effort to hold
onto her wrist and keep her in place. His lips began to move, whispering
soft, faint words in -
Iivid mischief: another incantation. Warm blood ran down his arm, pouring
reiatsu into his next Hadou. "Hadou 4." His left arm lifted to her visage,
using his stony grasp on her arm to ensure that she wouldn't be able to step
away or dodge. Amber-
Iivid mischief: occuli held the conviction that the fight was his, a single
digit being placed at her visage before finishing his kido. A crackling
became apparent at the tip of his extended finger, pouring the necessary
amount of reiatsu into the-
Iivid mischief: lightning before finishing. "Byakurai!" A heavy
concentration of lightning based reiatsu shot from the tip of his finger,
crashing into her face with enough destructive force to easily rend her
unconscious due to prior damage. The-
Iivid mischief: spell didn't end immediately, however, and continued to
inflict heavy damage until the stored reiatsu died out. If she was able to
stand after that, he'd almost consider giving up the fight and walking out of
the arena. But, -
Iivid mischief: he knew, he just fucking knew that this had to be the end.
"..Am I bein' a jackass now?" Despite the
inflicted wound on his -
Iivid mischief: shoulder, he seemed way too persistant to let a little pain
get in the way of his playful nature for this fight. He thought to himself,
however, at the end of the spell, and quickly jerked her body down to the
floor, crashing his -
Iivid mischief: knee into the unguarded face as a way to make sure she'd
stay down. Tch, as if she could even do much after that, and if she could..?
Well, DAMN.

Dallag dalma: White lightening. The flash blinded her for a moment and she
felt a crashing wave of pain run through her system. She didn't scream, she
didn't moan. Her body went rigid and as the torment weakened
Dallag dalma: her she used the last bit of her strength to grab onto his
shoulders. She wasn't going to let heself fall yet. Her hair hid her face as
she gasped for breath. That was when he slammed her down to the
Dallag dalma: floor her blade almost falling out of her hand. His knee would
hit the floor however. She wasn't sure she could stand up but, she wasn't
going to just let him break her nose, she liked being pretty damn
Dallag dalma: it. Rolling away she would work to get up, it took too long,
and she knew he had won, but, damn. She coughed and blinked at the blood that
seemed to drip onto the floor, staring at it for a spit
Dallag dalma: second. She wasn't going to lose to him! No! Yet he seemed to
have a sense of humor. She couldn't get up and after a moment slid into a
heap groaning, "Yes... " this was said with a little chuckle,
Dallag dalma: "Damned Kido. You won. So, Jackass," Her jaw hurt damned
bad... that grinding still in her ears. "Mind helpin me get to the fourth
then, we can go get a drink?"

Spar Log - Kato Nekura vs. Takuhara Inshu Pt. 1 Oi_my_eyes_are_up_here_by_DiGiChara

SP: 79,025. (.. wtf am I going to do with the '25'?)
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Spar Log - Kato Nekura vs. Takuhara Inshu Pt. 1
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