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 Fishing for Hollows or...Camp Hollow!

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Kurosaki kun

Kurosaki kun

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Fishing for Hollows or...Camp Hollow! Empty
PostSubject: Fishing for Hollows or...Camp Hollow!   Fishing for Hollows or...Camp Hollow! EmptyThu Oct 11, 2007 8:15 pm

After an overnight camping trip in the human world goes awry, the legend of the monster of Karakura lake is revealed! When an enormous sea-creature with a strangely cracked mask attacks their camp at night and separates the group; will the combined forces of the Soul Society and Ichigo's classmates be enough to bury this hoax once and for all!?
" The song of the leviathan! Is ...is that a hollow!?! "
*Special Point/Kan bonus for "final strike"*.
* Resolve-boost for "bravery strike"*
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Fishing for Hollows or...Camp Hollow!
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