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 ....Why so shiny Ikkaku?.....

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....Why so shiny Ikkaku?..... Empty
PostSubject: ....Why so shiny Ikkaku?.....   ....Why so shiny Ikkaku?..... EmptyFri Aug 17, 2007 1:59 pm

It was a hard life growing up in Rukongai, and if you weren't known by the in crowd then you weren't known at all. Of course Ikkaku, was known by them, but he wasn't in with them. Allowed to train with them, they always got their laughs, but it wasn't because he couldn't fight or because that he wasn't in their crowd. It was because of his hair. It was long, but instead of like most everyone elses, it didn't fall straight it did a U-Turn and made itself look like a crown slightly. king A grin and bare moment was made by Ikkaku, as he fought it. One day after he had been made fun of for once instead of the usual laughter, he cut his hair.

After that day, and for a few days after that, whenever Ikkaku would show his presense to the gang of friends, a huge wave of laughter would collapse over Ikkaku, and he always looked amused, and tried to see and find what was funny, espcially since he cut his hair. Why was something that funny in the first place? It didn't matter, after awhile of getting frustrated due to not finding the cause of laughter his hand slammed the elbow of a kid the opposite way in a fight, breaking it. After that no one laughed, but once the arm was fixed, the laughter commensed.

A sad day occured and a new guy was on the scene, it kind've pulled in twice the laughter, as now they didn't even train because it was too hard to focus. Ikkaku was still mad that he hadn't figured the reason for their laughter espcially after he had cut his hair. Yumichika even laughed, and he was supposed to be Ikkaku's best friend! It was a depressing figure, and he didn't know why until he actually bothered to ask someone.

A deep sunny morning, and all of the gang was in the usual place, and he was there looking around. Slowly enough the laughter erupted. But Ikkaku was tired of being left outta the circle. "WHAT THE HELL IS SO FUNNY?!" Without meaning his spiritual pressure rised, and things got a bit tougher for everyone else. A response that was made..It made him want to cry, but it infuriated him. "No matter what you do Ikkaku Madarame, your hair will always make you the laughing stock of Rukongai."

Ikkaku, was determined to never have hair again, and got it all shaved off. Once a week it was be shaved and after two months of this..Hair never seemed to grown there anymore. Always would he have his head nice and clean, and when he did it caused him to go outside and "Shweeeeenn!!" The glare would slam into the eyes of a many hundred. A laugh was made, at first he didn't mind but when he was on a date one time, and was quite happy and was about to make the kiss she started laughing. "Whats so funny?" The words penetrated his lips, without him thinking the consequence. "I can see my self in your head Ikkaku." She got out and it left Ikkaku stunned.

Slowly resting there he no longer, could look at girls without them laughing. Slowly cursing...From that day forward Ikkaku Madarame, was the biggest ass hole about people who made fun of his shiny bald head.
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....Why so shiny Ikkaku?..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: ....Why so shiny Ikkaku?.....   ....Why so shiny Ikkaku?..... EmptyFri Aug 17, 2007 2:01 pm

I can see my face in your head Ikkaku... GOLD.
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....Why so shiny Ikkaku?.....
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