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 Eccentric Bleach Omake has landed

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PostSubject: Eccentric Bleach Omake has landed   Eccentric Bleach Omake has landed EmptyThu Aug 23, 2007 9:40 pm

Eccentric Bleach Omake

I don't own Bleach, If I did...You would all probably want me dead with the changes and chaos that
I would cause.

Warning:This "episode" contains a romantic situation and only a light amount of humor at the end.

"Shinigamisu Kapu! Goru-...Ekusentoriku!"

Episode 1
"dO i EaT iT?"


Tonight was the one month anniversary of their relationship. The two lovers sitting on a bench high atop a hill overlooking the sea, The full moon above the sea adding a romantic setting for the two with it's beautiful shimmering reflection in the sea as nothing could ruin their time together.

The beautiful young woman leaned into her male companion slowly, Her hand gently placed upon his which rested on her thigh as she wore her usual fukutaicho uniform with the obviously shortened skirt, Though tonight it was a fine shade of light purple as opposed to the usual black she had to wear because of her father's control over almost every aspect of her life and his "right as a father and captain" to make his decisions to what she wore.

A light blush on her pale flesh as she gazed up at her male companion's face. Slowly raising a soft and delicate hand up to his cheek as the serious expression almost always stuck on his face was gone tonight, Replaced by a very cheerful smile as the black-haired individual looked down at his beloved Nemu.

The young man's attire all his own design with many quincy crosses sewn onto the pockets as a proud symbol of his heritage and his argument of being, "The last quincy", that was always being disputed between himself and his father. The whole basis of his outfit a design drawn from a quincy uniform, A white dress-shirt with a blue tie as well as some stylish white gloves with blue lines sewn in and a white pair of long pants with black leather shoes all with quincy crosses on every single pocket.

Those square-rimmed glasses suprisingly missing tonight as he gave up wearing glasses on dates after his original first kiss with Nemu had been ruined by his glasses slipping down and bumping into her nose,
Which caused her to back her head up and then his glasses falling to crack on the ground, Just before their lips would connect for the first time after two dates. Oh yes, This young male never wanted such a romantic moment ruined by that again.

"Nemu...Tell me my beloved, How do you feel of our relationship up to now?" The young quincy said, With quite a great deal of confidence in his voice.

"It's been like a dream for me though my father still objects to the idea..." A sigh following her response as she turns her attention to the sea, "This mortal world is so beautiful, Uryu, I would love to be able to live the rest of my gigai's life in this world with you", But that brought another sigh from her. As she was about to speak a third time however, She was silenced by a hand trailing up and a gloved index finger placed against her lips.

"Shh my dear, I've got something to ask you tonight..." With that spoken, Uryu Ishida would remove his hand from beneath his beloved's to reach into his right pocket to remove a purple velvet-lined box. Nemu oblivious
to what this meant to human women when they saw this but remaining silent the entire time as he opened it infront of her, Presenting the engagement ring to her now which consisted of a moderate sized diamond set into the ring and held secured by six prongs into the platinum solid ring which had, By his own request, A quincy cross engraved vertically engraved in three millimeter intervals along the ring.

"By the honor of the quincy, I ask you my dear Nemu Kurotsuchi, Would you honor the last quincy by becoming Missus Nemu Ishida?", A quite audible gulp following this question of true love as he seemed to begin sweating even on this cool night, His long black hair blowing in the cool night breeze as he looked at her face, A bit worried about rejection at this point.

A very confused look was on her face as she gazed upon the ring and had many questions going through her head, But deciding a response was necessary right now to her beloved quincy, "I'd be proud to become your wife Uryu...But, What would my father say? I think he would be the most would be against", She was utterly confused at this point, Still not knowing what the ring was for as he began to slip it onto her right hand

"I could care less what your father would say about our marriage, If he stood in our way and threatened violence, I would use my reawakened Quincy powers to, By force, Show him that my love for you will not be
stopped by someone who is an abusive, Sadistic and maniacal scientist. I would infact be willing to repeat the night you and I first met, Removing my quincy glove for the power to put him in pain...But not to kill him
of course", The young quincy taking a deep breath after his somewhat long-winded speech.

To most women, What he said could be taken as both a charming yet...Scary declaration of love, But the only part of his speech to her that stood out was that Uryu would not kill her father and now she brang her
hands closely infront of her, Looking down as she placed the hand with her new ring above the other and then finally looked into his eyes, "Alright Uryu, I'll become your wife and trust in you to make my father
understand that he can't stop us", But then as they were about to lean into one another for a deep and romantic kiss, She remembered a question that left her mind for a moment about the ring.

"Sweetheart...About this ring?", Her question slowly being thought on in her mind as their kiss was put on hold, "Yes? What about it my love?", A soft tone of anxious-ness in his voice. Little would the quincy know
what the question would be. A question that almost would bring him to choke on a laugh that he'd restrain as hard as possible while Nemu would have her usual blank look on her face.

"Am...I...Supposed to eat it?" was that question.


Meanwhile back in Soul Society. Mayuri Kurotsuchi was sitting in the kitchen of the two-bedroom apartment that had been made specially for him as captain and for a place to keep his daughter as well, A very peeved look on the mad scientist's face as he looked up at the clock and hadn't looked at it for apparently three hours since the last time he checked it, His stomach making an audible noise of hunger as the unmasked scientist just spoke softly to himself.

"Where the hell is that stupid girl? This is the fifteenth time in three months that she told me she was going to get me food from the mortal world to eat but she's never been this late before"

Poor Mayuri...Nemu had completely forgotten about dinner for him. Uryu as well since tonight, He had been focused only on his marriage proposal to Nemu and forgot about the fact she always used an excuse of mortal
world dinner to get her father to let her out at night.

But tonight, Poor Mayuri would have to get up and make something for himself after cursing out his daughter's name and saying a few other things a bit obscene or morbid about what he hoped happened to her for forgetting to bring his dinner, But the next time he saw his daughter and would start to yell and threaten her, He'd be let in on the news that while she forgot dinner...Mayuri was going to become the "proud" father-in-law of "The last Quincy".

The End

Author notes:Please leave comments if you feel like it. Once I get three episodes prepared, I may consider submitting the series to Fanfiction.net.

And before any of you may bring it up, I know that I need more work on my fanfiction writing abilities but this is my first time with it so be a bit gentle.
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Eccentric Bleach Omake has landed
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