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 Hirako, Shinji

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hirako shinji

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PostSubject: Hirako, Shinji   Hirako, Shinji EmptySat Aug 11, 2007 1:19 am

Out Of Character

Name/Alias/Nickname : Dan

Age : 22

Screen Name : smiling vaizard

Time Zone : Central Standard

Role-playing experience : I’ve been role-playing for nine years. I’ve done just about everything from fantasy to comedy.

Average amount of time online per day: Normally, five hours a day.

Have you ever Rped Bleach before? (Describe briefly) : Yes, but it was only in IMs and with one person. That was during the beginning when Bleach first aired.

Have you been in any other Bleach role-playing groups? (List them): No.

What is Hantarou's Bankai ? : Mentos. The Freshmaker.

Are you applying for CC (Canon Character) or OC (Original Character)?: CC

What is your character? (Shinigami, Quincy, Human, Arrancar, Hollow): Vaizard

In Character

Surname : Hirako

First Name : Shinji

Age : N/A

Height : 5’11”

Weight : 120 lbs.

Division [Shinigami] : N/A

Type [Arrancar/Hollow] : N/A

Personality (Basic description) : Shinji's character is somewhat comical, adding a bit of levity to situations that are otherwise serious. He seems to like annoying his associate, Hiyori Sarugaki, which usually earns him a slap from one of her sandals. He also appears to have a history of referring to cute girls he meets as his 'first love', complete with a deadpan look on his face despite the obvious lie (he apparently never did this with Hiyori, further annoying her).

Physical Appearance : Hirako Shinji is a tall, lanky figure with a light skin tone. His blonde hair is usually cut with a bowl style. He normally wears some sort of dress shirt with a skinny tie. A pair of slacks and dress shoes complete his outfit, at times he wears a sports jacket with it.

History/ Biography : Shinji's role, as well as the role of the vizard as a whole, remains unclear. Kisuke Urahara mentions that they might be valuable allies in the fight against the arrancar. It is unknown as of now where Shinji stands in the vizard ranks. Unlike in Soul Society, where the rank is given accordingly to shinigami within a division, or in Hueco Mundo, where a number is assigned to each arrancar reflecting their strength, the vizard have not yet revealed a structure based on hierarchy. After the point at which Ichigo Kurosaki arrives at the vizard warehouse, Shinji appears to step more obviously into a position of unofficial leadership, as he is seen structuring the group's fighting rotations during the battle with Ichigo's hollow, among other things.

Zanpakutoh [Shinigami, Arrancar] (Include possible shikai to be obtained) : Unknown.

Character image :

Hirako, Shinji Shinji_Hirako

Sample Post : Out of the action. It was the definition of the time a certain ‘high school’ student was spending as of late. Battles were going on and major moves were being made, yet none of the student’s comrades seemed to want to do anything. A tall, lanky figure was laying on a worn and beaten up couch that seemed to be made of leather. The long-legged frame sat up when he spotted one of his comrades coming back in from a reconnaissance mission. “Any word on anything?” The negative response from the man called Love made the normally smiling Shinji to frown up noticeably. “No!? Nothing!” He shook his head in anger and sat up on the couch, swinging his long legs around until his feet were touching the ground. Before he could get up on his feet and yell at the taller male, he felt a strong impact against the side of his face. A growling girl, who was shorter than Shinji with pigtails, had delivered a strong fist to his jaw and he spiraled into a wall, causing the structure to crumble and pile on top of him. Out of the action.
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Ulquiorra Schiffer
Ulquiorra Schiffer

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PostSubject: Re: Hirako, Shinji   Hirako, Shinji EmptyMon Aug 13, 2007 7:02 am

I approve.

Hirako, Shinji Ulquisharingan
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Hirako, Shinji
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