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 Takuhara, Inshu.

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Takuhara, Inshu. Empty
PostSubject: Takuhara, Inshu.   Takuhara, Inshu. EmptyFri Aug 03, 2007 11:14 pm

OOC Information
Name/Alias/Nickname : Ryan.

Age : ( Required) 18.

Screen Name : (lowercase please) iivid mischief

Time Zone : Central.

Role-playing experience : ..seven years?

Average amount of time online per day: Mostly afternoons and nights; anywhere from 12 PM to 3 AM.

Have you ever Rped Bleach before? (Describe briefly) : Yeah, with a small bunch of friends. Most of them are pretty lame now, or moved on to different stuff.

Have you been in any other Bleach role-playing groups? (List them): ..nope.

What is Yamada Hantarou's Ban Kai ? : Kid ain't got no bankai, lzr.

Are you applying for CC (Canon Character) or OC (Original Character)?: Original.

( If you are applying for a canon character, please see Lkkaku Madarame and hainekou. )

What is your character? (Shinigami, Quincy, Human, Arrancar, Hollow, Vizard): Shinigami.

In Character
Family Name : Takuhara.

First Name : Inshu.

Age : Resembles a twenty year old.

Height : ( in feet/ft. ) 5'11

Weight : ( in pounds/lbs. ) 184lbs.

Division [Shinigami] :

Type [Arrancar/Hollow] :

Personality (Basic description) : Very lazy, so much so that it's evident even in his style of talking. Often "backs" away from things not out of fear or maturity, but rather that he'd rather not waste his time with trivialities. What's a better usage of that time? Getting drunk, of course.

Physical Appearance : Long-ish silver hair, reaching down to chin level. Golden (amber) eyes, with a single tribal tattoo running vertically up the right of his face. Wears a white piece of tattered cloth just above his right elbow.

History/ Biography : Born to bring fame and success to his family name, Inshu was constantly badgered to be his best and not slack off. While being a fairly intelligent individual, he fancied spending his time on the less important things. Hell, it was practically impossible to wake the guy up, much less get him to actually do his work. Of course, a familiar saying with these type of people describes him perfectly: "It's always the good who die young." Having a father that fucks around with the wrong people isn't good; especially if they're some of the most vindictive bastards around. In an attempt to get even with the man and his family, a couple of goons were dispatched to the house in order to clean up the trash. In just a few minutes and with a hail of bullets, a father, mother, and brother were dead. Of course, he was just left to bleed to death, and wonder why he was so damned lucky to get to sleep. And, as if to dash his hopes again, death proved to be a hell of a lot more tedious than life was in the first place. "..Are you fucking kidding me? God damn it.."

Zanpaku-to [Shinigami, Arrancar] (Include possible shikai to be obtained) : Boshokusouzen - In the initial state, the zanpaku-to resembles a regular katana, but with a more sleek and well designed sheathe and handle. The pommel is more circular, with a small, silver chain hanging off the end. One thing that makes the blade unique is it's lack of a handguard.

Terikagayaku ("Shine.") - In it's released state, the blade shortens, splitting off into two ten inch knives that give control of the Light elemental. His control over Light is limited mostly to attack and defense, but still nothing to underestimate.

Character image : ( if any )

Sample Post : ( any situation involving the character you are APPLYING with. )
"Oiii, I'm going to need plenty of alcohol after this." A tense in his musculature was apparent due to the shift in his stance, right hand raising slowly to the handle of the ebon handle of the zanpakutou. Deft digits slowly curled around the handle, a slight yank freeing the blade from its home. Tiers parted, a yawn eminating from the lack of sleep, the lazy Shinigami giving the hollow a look of apathy. Did he really care what the fucker did? Yeah. It was just that he didn't care to be the one to have to dispose of the nuisance. Tapping the tip of the blade against the concrete, a loud scratch became audible; legs slid apart, lowering his physique closer to the ground to make himself a smaller target. With a ruffle of clothing, his legs pressed off against the ground, kicking dust up in his wake while closing the distance between himself and the hollow. With a roar, the creature pierced the atmosphere with it's tail, aimed to stab right through the shinigami's heart. Shifting his weight, the youth utilized the momentum to start a spin, lowering his upper physique to allow the spiked tail to pass harmlessly over his figure. His right arm lashed out in coordination with the spin, the blade cleaving through the rigid and harsh flesh. Kicking up his leg, he used that and the carried momentum from the spin to vault himself to the hollows deathly visage, blade slicing cleanly through the mask and cranium. Landing just to the side, Inshu resheathed the blade with a soft click, turning around just in time to take a glance at the hollow before its dispertion. Stretching, Inshu allowed another long yawn to occupy the silence before walking off, whistling a merry little tune to himself.
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Ulquiorra Schiffer
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Takuhara, Inshu. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Takuhara, Inshu.   Takuhara, Inshu. EmptyFri Aug 03, 2007 11:28 pm

Hmmm. Interesting concept I suppose, I approve. As for division, he`s quite lazy so he wouldn`t be cut out for many.
I`d have to say the Sixth Division .

Takuhara, Inshu. Ulquisharingan
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Takuhara, Inshu.
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