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 Nodokana Kataki

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PostSubject: Nodokana Kataki   Nodokana Kataki EmptyWed Aug 01, 2007 3:22 am

out of character information
Name: Ally
Age: Twenty-Four
Screen Name: pink chunin (subject to change soon)
Time Zone: Pacific
Roleplaying Experience: Approximately Seven Years
Average Per Day Online Time: Three Hours
Have you ever RPed Bleach before?: No
Have you been in any other Bleach roleplaying groups?: No
What is Yamada Hantarou's Ban Kai?: He does not have one.
Are you applying for CC (Canon Character) or OC (Original Character)?: Original Character
What is your character?: Shinigami

in character information
Family Name: Nodokana
First Name: Kataki
Age: 18
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 118lbs
Division: Unspecified (Student)

Personality (Basic description): Kataki maintains a relatively benign disposition, even when provoked. She is respectful to a point but rarely confrontational. When it is required of her to act she does so to an extreme (hence her reason for staying neutral in most situations). Thus she is intimidating---she cannot quiet a room with a stare or smile, nor can she threaten in the same respect---any response is generally regarded as remarkable. Stoic and austere, Kataki's lack of action is often confused for indifference. She chooses her battles and conversations wisely. Furthermore she does not offer much of a range of emotions or expressions (though she is capable of all, and freely expresses emotions in private). Some mistake her quietude for patience, tolerance, and the like, but usually she does not say anything because she has already come to a conclusion she wishes to keep to herself (not to spare feelings but to better the silence).

Physical Appearance: Possessing a height generally greater than women of her age and Japanese heritage, Kataki wields strength over speed. Her eyes are dark, her skin fair, and her hair is long, straight, and black---usually pinned in random places and falling in her eyes. Because she does not have speed as an advantage she compensates with strength and agility. She is lean and hourglass while her gaze is narrow, her nose roman, and her face oval. When her mouth is not sitting in a strict line it is plush. She bears no remarkable mars or markings.

History/Biography: Nodokana Kataki is a student at the Shinigami Academy (she is in her final year). She excels at hand-to-hand and foot combat, but moreso the former. Kataki was raised in a quiet household as an only child; both parents were educated professionals and focused mainly on their careers. Kataki in turn was tutored privately. She has brought with her to the afterlife the same individual independence and reservation. She has never freely called anyone a friend whom she did not feel greatly earned it. Fierce in battle as she channels her aggression in her movements and strikes, Kataki has come to be known as an oak tree---sturdy and strong and does not bend or break to any wind.

Zanpaku-to: Naginata (Kurogashi---Black Oak); Shikai: Kurogashi's blade and pole are consumed in lightning (it is activated by the command electrocute---kandenshi)

Character Image: Available through email upon request

Sample Post: The resemblance between worlds might have inspired poetry by the more clever and prolific of persons watching the sun descend but Kataki held no significant consideration for the blinding light keeping her eyes squinted as she walked westward. Much of her day to day was routine and she kept to her schedule like a military protocol---when training was through she returned to the west end of Seireitei promptly. If she possessed a disorder of the obsessive compulsive nature she might have counted the individual steps she took to walk home. Fingers rested at the hem of her kimono's sleeve, caressing the over-starched fabric idly amid her walk. Each pass of a stitch was in rhythm to a replay in her mind of the training that took place earlier that day. She had successfully parried without weapon or tool while her opponent fumbled with his chosen means of defense. Bare hands had triumphed over the underhanded strikes of her peer. Kataki still bore the suggestion of battle on her clothes, her white sash stained in dust and dirt. If one looked--no, stared--hard at the girl they might recognize the irregularity in her step, the slight lean on her right foot with every other footfall. The limp was disguised by a flawless erasure of emotion on her face and the subtlety of her immaculate poise and posture. Every inch and ounce of movement was a measurement in her overworked brain. When Kataki returned home she stopped at the stoop to remove her sandals, a habit she enjoyed as the same in living and in death.
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Nodokana Kataki Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nodokana Kataki   Nodokana Kataki EmptyWed Aug 01, 2007 3:40 am

Exceptional, I give my approval. As for her division, I'd have to go with Second Division because of her tempermant and her abilities.

Nodokana Kataki Ulquisharingan
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Nodokana Kataki
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