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 Ukitake Jushiro

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Ukitake Jushiro

Ukitake Jushiro

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PostSubject: Ukitake Jushiro   Ukitake Jushiro EmptySun Jul 22, 2007 4:35 am

OOC Information
Name/Alias/Nickname : Paul
Age : ( Required) 20
Screen Name : (lowercase please) currently synthetic omens, until accepted.
Time Zone : EST
Role-playing experience : 5-6 years of off and on internet roleplaying.
Average amount of time online per day: 4-5 hours on an off day.
Have you ever Rped Bleach before? (Describe briefly) : No, I have not. I have not seen a previous bleach storyline. I have roleplayed final fantasy VII, and D&D - similar things as well.
Have you been in any other Bleach role-playing groups? (List them): No.
What is Yamada Hantarou's Ban Kai ? : He does not have one, but his zanpakuto is named Hisagomaru and is released by Fulfill, Hisagormaru. Wink
Are you applying for CC (Canon Character) or OC (Original Character)?: Canon
( If you are applying for a canon character, please see Lkkaku Madarame and hainekou. )
What is your character? (Shinigami, Quincy, Human, Arrancar, Hollow, Vizard): Shinigami

In Character
Family Name : Ukitake
First Name : Jushiro
Age : Unknown.
Height : ( in feet/ft. ) 6 foot 1 inch
Weight : ( in pounds/lbs. ) 158 pounds.
Division [Shinigami] : 13th Division of the Gotei 13.
Type [Arrancar/Hollow] : Shinigami
Personality (Basic description) : Honest, Loyal, Respectful.
Physical Appearance : A sickly appearing man, with the normal garb of a shinigami. Black robes, white sash and the captain's symbol of a white over robe.
History/ Biography : A low-class noble, and supporter of such - Ukitake. Jushiro was one of the first graduates from Yamamoto's academy. He was personally trained by him. Yamamoto stated that Jushiro, along with Shunsui held the greatest power of any generation thus far on the battlefield. Jushiro has white hair, a sign of his sickness. He suffers from tuberculosis and is usually detained because of this. He no longer has a vice captain, yet has two co-3rd seats who do most of his work. He is close friends with Shunsui, having been trained with him.
Zanpaku-to [Shinigami, Arrancar] (Include possible shikai to be obtained) : Sogyo no Kotowari Lit. Truth of Pisces. It is one of only two zanpakuto that exist as a pair in soul society. It is a single blade in its sealed form, but when it is released it splits into two thin blades resembling fishing spears at the head, it has a reversed prong-blade at the dull sides of the swords. The two swords are connected by a red cord which has small trinkets dangling from it. Its initial release is triggered by Nami kotogotoku waga tate to nare, ikazuchi kotogotoku waga yaiba to nare. All of the waves become my shield, All of the lightning become my sword.
Character image : ( if any ) Ukitake Jushiro Jushiro
Sample Post : ( any situation involving the character you are APPLYING with. )
Legs pulled up undeneath his body, sitting alone in deep thought with himself. There were many things running through his head about how they were not adding up correctly. Some research would have to be done. The book opened before him he began his research on how to destroy Sokyoku. It was now time to convince Shunsui that destroying it was better then letting Rukia die, and with the continued rush of Rukia's execution date - things were starting to look fishy

A focus of eyes upon Yamamoto as he stood near the side of Shunsui. His lowered hand pulled the single Zanpakuto from its casing and brought it before the front of his body. It appeared that there was no way this was not going to end in a fight, and as the searing flames of ryujin jakka flashed before him, the only way of working himself out of the corner was to fight. Hands gripped firmly at the hilt now before the chorus of words echoed outwards Nami kotogotoku waga tate to nare, Ikazuchi kotogotoku waga yaiba to nare. The initial release began as hands pulled the weapon apart, a dot of red appearing in the middle and stretching outwards - transforming to connecting the two weapons, silver trinkets dangled upon its length of cord before the distance ceased to increase and the white glow which echoed over the sword began to form. Blade shrunk slightly, and hooks stretched from near the top middle of the blade a moment, bent downwards to the ground, and stretched to lower the tip to the hilt. Jushiro stood ready and waited for the oncoming assault of his master
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PostSubject: Re: Ukitake Jushiro   Ukitake Jushiro EmptySun Jul 22, 2007 11:42 am

Er...I don't exactly know if I'm allowed to, but I approve. ^^;

Ukitake Jushiro Oi_my_eyes_are_up_here_by_DiGiChara

SP: 79,025. (.. wtf am I going to do with the '25'?)
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Ulquiorra Schiffer
Ulquiorra Schiffer

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PostSubject: Re: Ukitake Jushiro   Ukitake Jushiro EmptySun Jul 22, 2007 4:33 pm

You weren't allowed to. e_e; I give my approval also.

Ukitake Jushiro Ulquisharingan
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PostSubject: Re: Ukitake Jushiro   Ukitake Jushiro Empty

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Ukitake Jushiro
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