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 SP Gaining and Caps // F.A.Q.s

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Ulquiorra Schiffer

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PostSubject: SP Gaining and Caps // F.A.Q.s   Sun Jul 08, 2007 11:38 pm

How do we actually gain SP?

This is rather simple. SP can be gained from submitting fanart, fanfiction, sparring, training, roleplaying , and being an active force within the SL.

Fanart and Fanfiction =
1000 - 5,000 SP per finished product.
( This depends on detail, the SP Moderators are free to determine
the value of any fanfic/fan art to their liking. )

Sparring =
2000 SP to the winner, plus 50 SP per turn.
1000 SP to the loser, plus 50 SP per turn.

1000 SP per hour.
( Not post, hour. SP is awarded based on the duration of
a session. If an RP falls apart after one hour no SP is awarded. )

Shi Kai and Ban Kai Training=
1000 SP per page

Now as for roleplay, sparring, and personal training things get a little more complicated. All personal training logs and spar logs are to be sent to Jordan, eventrejection@aol.com, and Ryan, kyourakutaichou@aol.com. They will judge your training, and spars and SP will be awarded based on the criteria.

As for group roleplay, after the session has ended it will be judged by the Administrators and SP Moderator. Before the night is over, an e-mail or post on the forum will tell the members the amount of SP recieved.

What is the SP Cap?

SP will be capped at 999,999 SP for any character. Those currently
at 300,000+ SP will not progress until the next story arc. Also note for those of you attempting to spar like crazy there is a monthly cap of 80,000 SP to be gained.

What's the point of fighting if the one with higher SP will win?

Higher SP doesn't measure overall power, it measures the overall commitment that person has put into their character. Higher SP means that that character has access to a larger array of moves, but when it comes down to it victory is determined by Skill.

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SP Gaining and Caps // F.A.Q.s
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