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 SP Cost [ Zanpaku-to ]

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PostSubject: SP Cost [ Zanpaku-to ]   Sun Jul 08, 2007 9:14 pm

Shinigami / Vizard

Shi Kai - 10,000 SP to release

( You need atleast 20,000 SP to achieve Shi Kai, and one week
of training to communicate with your sword. )

- Abilities : If your zanpaku-to is a kidou-based one, then SP
will be used to power it's attacks. Such as Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou, the overall power will be determined by how much SP he pumps into the technique.

For ex:
If Ichigo uses 5000 SP for his Getsuga Tenshou attack, it will be measured
as 5000 SP. And can be overcome by a stronger reiatsu-based attack.

Ban Kai - + 100,000 SP

( You need a minimum of 140,000 SP to use Ban Kai, and a month of
training to prove domiance over the spirit of your zanpakuto. )

- Effects: Along with releasing your Zanpaku-to's true power,
it increases your SP by 100,000 SP.

- Abilities : 50,000 SP will be lost each turn AFTER Ban Kai is in use by an
inexperienced user. 10,000 SP will be lost each turn in use if the user has
mastered Ban Kai.

Those who have mastered the form are :
Yamamoto, Byakuya, Soifon, Kyoraku, Aizen
Gin, Tousen, Komamura, Unohana, Jushirou,
Urahara, Yoruichi, Mayuri, Renji and Ikkaku.

- Mastery is determined by successfuly using
Ban Kai atleast 10 times.

[ Note : Ichigo gains 50,000 SP instead of 100,000 SP due
to the properties of his zanpaku-to. He also only loses
5,000 SP per turn after release. ]


Resurrecion - + 70,000 SP

( Arrancar need a minimum of 120,000 SP to seal their 'resurrected'
form into a sword. They then need to have a minimum of 150,000 SP to
release their ressurrected form. )

- Note: Arrancar lose their hierro while released, making them more vulnerable. Arrancar gain 70,000 SP after activating Ressurrecion.

-Abilities : Varies among the Arrancar, but if it is reiatsu based it takes on
the SP-draining of a kidou-type Zanpakuto.

Arturo gains 240,000 SP when in his ressurecion form, due to
SL reasons.

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SP Cost [ Zanpaku-to ]
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