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 The Mark of Condemnation! Urahara Kisuke's death!

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Kurosaki kun

Kurosaki kun

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PostSubject: The Mark of Condemnation! Urahara Kisuke's death!   Thu Oct 11, 2007 8:17 pm

While dealing with a critical threat-level hollow who has gone too far to be purified, the final blow is dealt and with the last of its ability, Urahara Kisuke is given a cursed burn mark of a strange design at the last moment by the hollow they all believed to be dead! "Now my fate is yours, Shinigami!"
With the gates of hell opening up to swallow Urahara instead of the hollow as the burn mark progresses, it's a race to find the cure -- even in the depths of hell, but is it true that only Aizen and the Arrancar truly know the way to avoid being swallowed up by Hell?!

Next! "The cost of my redemption! Don't give up on me yet!"

(pending with the permission of Ryan).
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The Mark of Condemnation! Urahara Kisuke's death!
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