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-+ The requiem that comes in black clothing +-
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Kurosaki kun

Kurosaki kun

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Hollowsnacks!? Empty
PostSubject: Hollowsnacks!?   Hollowsnacks!? EmptyThu Oct 11, 2007 8:14 pm

After receiving a special order of hollow bait to their store, the Urahara Shoten's Jinta reads the box's sign "handle with extreme care" incorrectly and smashes all of the merchandise while picking on Ururu! Hollows have begun to invade Karakura town en-masse, and due to the special nature of this case; team Ichigo and the Soul Society must split up to deal with the threat as a team!
Next! "The dropped box dilemma! Just what part of handle with care didn't you get!?"
*Special Point/Kan bonus for second most hollows killed!*
*Special free gift receipt good for one purchase in addition for the first place winner!*
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