Kokui Hirameku Requiem

-+ The requiem that comes in black clothing +-
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PostSubject: Aaagain   Aaagain EmptyThu Oct 04, 2007 10:40 am

Alright. So. This chapter is all about a flash back. Still no whole chapter out, but most of the scans of the raw pages are (even if they're pretty poor quality).

When Nel was the 3rd Espada Nnoitara was only the 8th. I think it was suggested that they had fought repeatedly, and the time before he cheated to win she beat him relly badly. Nnoitara dislikes her, apparently, because "women should not be stronger than men in fighting". >_> He gets a serious asswhooping and asks her to kill him ( I think).
She says no, because she doesn't think of him as another soldier (espada), and that he's not worth killing.

Apparently Nnoitara then works with Syael to take Nel off guard and break her mask. Pesche and what's his name (before all of this and in the fight with fornicator or w/e have their masks broken during the fight) say that once an espada/arrancar is wounded on their mask they become useless. When the rest comes out I'll see what I can do.

As for Naruto, I confirmed the spoilers as well; and Pein's eye ability is called "Rinnegan", the greatest eye technique of the three great eye techniques. Pein (as a child) used it to kill a stone ninja on accident, and he is fearful of his own power. Jiraiya trains them until they are able to defeat his kage bunshin (for three years). The Rinnegan is the oldest eye technique that the founding father's of the ninja ( or w/e) used to create every ninjutsu. >_> I don't know what it does. These people, however, were called the "Rinnegan Senin" or something to that effect. I suppose this is supposed to mean "spiral eye". Pain calls himself pain because when he was a child he resolved to protect the other two comrades with his power "no matter what pain may come from it". (I think).
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