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 Civil War in Hueco Mundo! The Hougyoukou theft!

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Ulquiorra Schiffer
Ulquiorra Schiffer

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PostSubject: Civil War in Hueco Mundo! The Hougyoukou theft!   Sat Sep 01, 2007 8:48 pm

" Maturo has grown tired of serving underneath Aizen Sousuke, believing himself to be superior to the shinigami in everyway. To this end, he launches a coup and steals the Hougyoukou. Ulquiorra Shifa confronts him, only to be cut down by Maturo's two followers, Piteies and Neiler. Not understanding the workings of the Hougyoukou, he and his followers move to the material world and move to force Urahara Kisuke ( the man who invented it ) to reveal it's inner workings. "

Destroy the three traitorous arrancar and recover the stolen Hougyoukou
from them!

Members :
Abarai Renji, Urahara Kisuke, Shihouin Yoruichi, Kurosaki Ichigo,
Nanao Ise, Hinamori Momo, Hitsugaya Toshirou.

Opposition :
Maturo, Piteies, Neiler
( Numeros, 98 , 42, and 73 respectively. )

Mission Timeframe :

Rewards :
10,000 SP

[ Reply if interested. ]

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Civil War in Hueco Mundo! The Hougyoukou theft!
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