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 Iba Tetsuzaemon

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Lisa Yadomaru

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PostSubject: Iba Tetsuzaemon   Iba Tetsuzaemon EmptyWed Aug 29, 2007 8:44 pm

Name/Alias/Nickname : Travis

Age : Now 18 Yay!

Screen Name : tetsuzaemon iba, sakikurue

Time Zone : Eastern

Role-playing experience : Six Years

Average amount of time online per day: About five-seven hourse.

Have you ever Rped Bleach before? Yes with this group and a group of friends.

Have you been in any other Bleach role-playing groups?: Yes You have been bleach and a chat rp with a group of friends.

What is Hantarou's Bankai ? : He doesn't have one.

Are you applying for CC or OC ?: Canon

What is your character?: Shinigami

In Character

Surname : Iba

First Name : Tetsuzaemon

Age : Unknown possibly thirties

Height : 5'11"

Weight : 150 lbs.

Division [Shinigami] : Lieutenant of the Seventh Division

Personality : Tetsuzaemon originally being from Division 11 is a fighter at heart, however he has proven that he has a caring side due to his reason of becoming a Lieutenant. He comes off at first as a Yakuza like gangster often saying ey instead of hey, he can be sarcastic at times as well as very serious.

Physical Appearance : Iba has a distinctive hair cut and wears black sunglasses with his standard shinigami uniform. He also smokes, thus somewhat resembling a typical yakuza gangster. He has a large tattoo on his back consisting of a cat on fire and the kanji shofuku

History/ Biography :
Iba was originally from the 11th Division, but transferred to the 7th Division because getting promoted to lieutenant in the 11th Division was more difficult, if not impossible. It is later revealed that he wished to become a lieutenant not out of personal ambition, but for the sake of his mother. As a result, his former compatriots in the 11th Division look down upon him, as they deem the other divisions weaker than they are. In spite of this, he has a habit of hanging around their division's headquarters. Despite having left the 11th Division, it's clear he still enjoys a good fight, and during his duels with Ikkaku reveals a maniac grin much like his sparring partner.

Zanpakutoh [Shinigami, Arrancar]: Tetsuzaemon's zanpakuto's name is not yet revealed, in it's unreleased state it appears to be a Tanto, it does have a shikai. If I were to give it a shikai command it would be split, due to the "Y" like protrusion at the near tip of the falchion like blade when the Tanto extends into it. It's abilities are unknown however it most likely revolves around combat after all he was orginally from Divison Eleven.

Character image :
Image hosted by servimg.com

Sample Post :
::Tetsuzaemon would be seen walking out of the building of his Division, and into the streets where he would patrol said area. His shinigami uniform was neat with the exception of the top half that was open to reveal that bandages on his chest above the sitting above the bandages was that belt like cloth. His Zanpakuto was in it's unreleased state thus appearing to be a Tanto, its hilt stuck out from the inside of the open uniform mainly the cloth part being held between that and the bandages. His sandaled feet that were once moving stopped as Tetsu sensed a high spiritual pressure. The black lenses of his shades flashed as if they were his eyes narrowing, however he calmed down when he recognized the spiritual pressure as his captain's.::
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PostSubject: Re: Iba Tetsuzaemon   Iba Tetsuzaemon EmptyFri Aug 31, 2007 1:06 am

You copy and pasted directly from wikipedia (yes guys, I do check). I'd recommend that you rewrite it in your own words so we see your interpretation of his character.

Also, it isn't just his dialect that establishes him as similar to the yakuza stereotype. It's supposedly his overall appearance and smoking habit. Plus, he became a lieutenant because it was what his mother wanted, not necessarily showing a caring side.

Finally, the sample posts are getting a bit short. If nothing else, place him into a fighting scenario to flesh out the description and give me an idea of how you'll play him.
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Iba Tetsuzaemon
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