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 Captain Bitchninja

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PostSubject: Captain Bitchninja   Fri Aug 24, 2007 3:41 pm

By gentle request, James has placed me back in my position of application reviewer. I was the person who created the application and it pains me to see it abused so badly.

This means there will be a few changes when it comes to applications. First of all, I'm not the easiest to get past. I created each section of the application for a specific reason. They're all important. FILL OUT EVERY SECTION YOU LAZY FOOLS. Second, I add comments to each application pointing out corrections. If I really like something, I'll include that. It's not going to be a comment saying "approved" and nothing else. Lets face it, James wasn't carrying this well.

Lastly, James messed up my title. It should be Bitchninja-taichou. <_<;
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Captain Bitchninja
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