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-+ The requiem that comes in black clothing +-
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Kurosaki kun

Kurosaki kun

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It's still early and all the raws are in pretty lame quality, but this is what I've got so far as just a brief summary and what I've actually seen the pictures for. I'll try a summary first, and if the actual chapter comes out I'll do a rough translation again:

what's his name releases his zanpakuto and becomes a huge, grotesque looking monster straight out of some hentai tentacle porn. It looks like his normal top half with some wings and weird looking body parts sticking out, and then at the bottom it looks like a big naked woman without a head holding maraccas. >_> I don't...know how to describe this ridiculous looking.... He also has butterfly wings, and looks like jabba the hut. His zanpakuto's ability is to recreate images under his control whenever the sap that comes out of his released state touches them.( It's semen. with a name like 'fornicarius' as his release name... >_> ) He manages to recreate Ishida and Renji a few times (they each have a weird mark over their eyes), and these copies have the same abilities as who they were copied from. (I THINK) to taunt them he lifts the limit on their powers to make it more entertaining while he watches. They can use bankai etc.
The second part of that (i don't know if this is true), but It switches to Ichigo and Nnoitara, who are still fighting pretty evenly (questionable) so much so that Nnoitara is surprised. (questionable) He gets hit by Nnoitara again, and Orihime tells Nnoitara that it isnt' fair because he's still not healed from the last fight. Nnoitara doesn't care. "Bad Joke" is a recurring quote in the chapter, and could be the chapter's name. They continue to fight. >_> Nell is hiding. Just hiding.
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