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 How to tell...

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How to tell... Empty
PostSubject: How to tell...   How to tell... EmptyThu Aug 23, 2007 9:31 am

How to tell if your favorite evil anime/manga character is going to die or lose within the next few chapters or episodes.

1.) Your favorite character uses their "final" or "ultimate" form to combat the enemy. While this is true of most fights regardless, if both of these characters do this -- one of these ngas aren't going to make it home in time for dinner, or ever for that matter. The most popular example of this is Goku Vs. Freeza. These two jackasses destroyed a whole planet because of their inconsiderate use of their final forms, not to mention killed some bald guy just for watching the fight.
2.) Your favorite character constantly says that he or she is going to win, that they can never be beaten, and that they are "immortal". This is bullshit, and the denial phase of their untimely deaths/defeat. They definitely aren't immortal, and will probably get a sword the fuck in their chest any issue now, complete with a gruff voice saying: "Immortals: We put their name to the test..." If the good guy is feeling especially generious, they'll prevent your limp body from hitting the ground; or honor you with a pity burial. This is just so they dont feel so bad about being happy that they've rescued their friends after they've owned them.
Note: Any combo of this and the first scenario pretty much gurantees that they and you are both screwed. Surrender all false hope of them prevailing now.
3.) Your favorite character has a flash back. Boy are you done. If you are evil and at any point begin reflecting on your past, you are going to have a police car driven the fuck into your helicopter. This usually takes up half the issue, or at least a whole anime episode. If the first two things didn't screw you -- this almost positively will. Just alone this has the power to gurantee your favorite badguy is dead as hell. This combined with any option above or below is the equivalent to a FATALITY in mortal kombat. Now the author is just rubbing that shit in.
4.) After a fight takes a turn for the worst in their favor, they try one final, grandscale attack You're fucked. The best you can hope for now is a non-fatal blow, or an honorable death by suddenly turning into a goodguy and going apeshit on all of your former allies. This is often complete with a long winded dialogue during your last dying breaths, and reknown for its sad piano/flute/pansywindinstrument solo in the anime counterpats. Do not be fooled. Even if they get one more unexplained and stupid powerup, it is just delaying the inevitable asswhooping that is to come for your favorite badguy. If you have a hardtime reading this in your favorite manga, do not watch the anime version. It's just the same asswhooping to a soundtrack. Chances are if they try this again in their weakened state, they will get a large sandal in their chest while promptly being reminded that: "THIS IS SPARTA!"
This might not work for everyone -- but i've never seen much of a deviation from this patented kill-a-bad-guy formula. Keep in mind that THIS IS ONLY FOR EVIL CHARACTERS. (or misguided anti-heroes). Have fun using this to spoil any outcome to a fight for yourself, and be thoroughly disappointed early.
Soon to come: "Your favorite unimportant support-role character is going to die: How to cope with this."
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How to tell...
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