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-+ The requiem that comes in black clothing +-
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Kurosaki kun

Kurosaki kun

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PostSubject: 287   287 EmptyFri Aug 17, 2007 1:57 pm

I don't know how to post pictures, but I'll tell you most of what they say and do. I also have 366 or naruto and did a quick translation that's similar if you want it, but that'll probably be out tonight anyway. (They're usually faster than bleach).
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Kurosaki kun

Kurosaki kun

Number of posts : 121
Registration date : 2007-07-14

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PostSubject: Re: 287   287 EmptyFri Aug 17, 2007 2:03 pm

Ich: "What are you…"(staring at Noita)
Noitara is smiling
Ichigo: " Another espada?"
Noitara gives no response.
Ichigo: "I asked you what the hell you were! Answer!"
Grimm(struggling):" Noitara…you…"
Noitara is still just standing there.
Eventually, Noitara: “Whaaat? You’re still alive?”
He then attempts to finish Grimm by lifting his scythe and letting it crash down on him, but is stopped by Ichigo and says “Huh?”
Ich: What are you doing? Attacking a guy all beat up like that *I think. Text in the way*
Noitara laughs and launches Ichigo away with another thrust from his weapon. The text gets kind of small here, so it’s hard to read.
From what it looks like it seems like he says: “Looks like they brought you out too, and you lost Grimmjow!”
Grimmjow scowls.
There’s text in the way again, but Noitara asks: “What’s your name?”
It looks again *bad quality* like he says that he only needs to remember it for as long as it takes for him to kill Ichigo. He begins to strike. They begin to fight, but it’s mostly off screen after the chapter intro page thing. Gives the impression they've been fighting for a little while.
Ich is thinking “This guy…” The rest is too small to see, but I think he’s commenting on the weight of the weapon while he’s blocking.
Orihime yells “Kurosaki Kun”
Noitara yells “Tesla!”
Tesla says: “Yes” and appears behind orihime, and furthermore just decides to body slam the shit out of her.
Ichi: “Inoue!” He starts to look away.
Noitara: (I think) “Where you going?" (or looking)
Ichigo: “Don’t touch Inoue!”
I can’t read what noitara says because it’s really blurry. I think that he’s taunting him (again) by saying that if he holds onto Orihime it gurantees that Ichigo will fight for her. He shows his number as “5” on his tongue while saying: “I’ll teach you something”, and furthermore says that compared to the trash he got beat up trying to defeat, he is above him as well.
It changes to Renji and Ishida. They agree that they need to go help Rukia and chad (I got lazy), and they run for a staircase with a doorway. Szyael kicks it open in brand new clothes. And a cape. After Renji is like: "What the hell..." Szyael says something along the lines of: “Well, shall we finish?” and begins to release his resurrected form under the command: “Susure” or, “to slurp”. Which is disgusting. >_>
I translated kind of fast. ( I'm at work while doing these), so a few things may be different from the "official" release from a team. Keep that in mind.
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